How to Cook in the Rain When Backpacking

The odds of cooking in rain are rare but when you are backpacking, the weather changes a lot. People love to go camping in hills and explore the wild. With the rapid change of weather in higher grounds, it is possible you might face the situation of cooking under rain. People are forced to end their trips because they cannot cook food in rain as food is necessary. However, there is no need to panic in this situation. By following some simple guidelines, you will be able to tackle this situation.


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    Pack food items in plastic bags

    Bring dry food items wrapped in plastic bags. Remember that these plastic bags should be sealed tightly so no water can come into contact with food items. You do not want to wet your food items or they will get ruined. You should also carry light food items when you are travelling or they might tire you.

  • 2

    Bring firestarter or waterproof matches

    You need to bring firestarter or waterproof matches along with you while backpacking. You can also take a lighter with you. Remember to protect these items from moisture and you can do this by placing them in a sealed bag or container. Avoid carrying them in pocket as they might get wet there.

  • 3

    Campsite location

    While choosing a place to lay camps, you need to seek for slightly elevated areas. This will prevent water from draining in your campsite. Also take into consideration that you require space to start a fire and opening should be large in order to expel smoke.

  • 4

    Cover items which are outside

    Take a tarp or plastic sheet to cover items which cannot be fit into your tent. You need to prevent that item from getting wet. Avoid bringing expensive things when you are backpacking.

  • 5

    Pick the easiest meal

    You need to pick the easiest meal to prepare in this condition. You need to make a meal which can easily be prepared and requires less effort.

  • 6

    Prepare inside the tent

    Preparation of meal should be done inside the tent before you step out in rain for cooking purposes. Remember to ponder over your surroundings.

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    Placement of tent

    You should place tent on the side of fire in order to prevent it from burning out. By this your cooking will be made easily and wind or water will also be stopped.

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