Shopping Wisely for the Holiday

Finding the right holiday gift for your family members and friends can be a hard task. I shop every third Wednesday of the month; stores usually drop their price on their merchandise because revenue at the beginning of the month has been met. Shopping at stores like Macy, JC Penny, Marshall, and Ross have quality merchandise that I enjoy very much.

First Step

Browsing is the first step to finding the right bargains. My first store is Ross, this store offer good quality clothes at half the price of Macy and Marshall. Levi jeans are good item for my teenager’s boys. They love the fit and the quality of these jeans. Another favorite is Ralph Lauren clothing line; I find it cheaper to purchase items at Ross Department Store then at Macy.

Second Step

I continue to browse in different stores for bargains; I go straight to the clearance rack in each department store. I like to compare the original price with the discount price of the item. If I feel that the price is right, then I will purchase the item. Who does not like a good sale on purchasing?

Third Step

Try to buy items that you are going to use, instead of having extra items for show-case in your home. Try to throw hints to family and friends about holiday gifts. There are plenty of items that are inexpensive in stores that will make good holiday gifts.

Fourth Step

The economy is tight, during this time of the year, people are depressed, and sometime they use shopping as a way of relieving stress. This can result in a hardship on your budget. Why add on extra stress? Go straight to the clearance rack in the department store and shop; watch how much you save by shopping wisely.

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