Should I Buy or Rent a Roofing Nailer?

An asphalt shingle roof is one of the most common ways to cover a roof. Asphalt shingles are attached to a roof using roofing nails, but hand nailing each shingle can drive you mad if you plan on covering a large area-only a pneumatic roofing nailer can get the job done fast. But with the high price of roofing nailers, is it a good idea to buy or rent? Use these tips and find out for yourself whether or not you should buy or rent this powerful and unique pneumatic nail gun.

Roofing Nailers

Roofing nailers all use a dual contact trigger to shoot nails into the shingle as fast as possible. Roofing nailers typically shoot between a ¾” and a 1 ¾” roofing nail. Because they need to shoot many nails as fast as possible, all roofing nailers use a coil nail versus a stick nailer.

A roofing nail gun drives roofing nails using a high powered compressor. Typical pressure is around 90-120 psi and can fire nails in a rapid succession like no other. They are often built up to higher standards than conventional nail guns for general public use.

Buying Considerations: Look for a roofing nailer that has a jam clearing nose. This can help you prevent serious down time when a roofing nail accidentally hits a framing nail that is lodged in the plywood. The force of the nails colliding often bends the roofing nail and jams the nose of the gun.

Some roofers like to buy a roofing nailer that weighs as little as possible. While a plastic roofing nailer may weigh very little, if it slips off of the roof, it’s going to break. Consider buying a roofing nail gun that is light, but also made from strong aluminum or magnesium shell to prevent costly breaks and wasteful down time.

Rental Considerations: For most DIY weekend warriors, homeowners making repairs and one time reroof projects, you’ll be best off renting a roofing nail gun versus buying one. Rental fees are surprisingly cost effective and most roofing nail gun rental stores supply the nails at a good price.

Be sure to inspect the nail gun thoroughly before you rent it. Have one of the rental associates fire the gun and demonstrate its use before you rent to ensure that you not only get a good gun-but you also know how to use it.

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