Simple Box Car You and Your Child Can Make

I don’t know about all of you, but my young son cannot resist playing in any box he finds around our house. It doesn’t matter if he’s too big for it or not he will still try to squeeze in there and play!

One day I took one of my son’s favorite boxes (a box from my recent Petco order) and made it into a car kinda like you might have seen on Romper Room years back. This was really simple to make and my son really enjoyed decorating it and picking out the paint colors to brighten it up.

You can use any size box so long as it is large enough for your child to comfortably fit inside and walk around with it. Our box was tall and rectangular in size, so I just made the sides a dome shape like the roof of a car and cut the short sides straight across at the same height. You might find a craft knife is best to cut the box with or at the very least score it with the craft knife.

Once you cut the top edges all around you will need to cut out a hole in the bottom for your child’s feet to go through. You’ll probably find you will need to use some masking or packing tape to reinforce the bottom flaps after cutting the middle out.

You can also cut some small holes near the top of the box for your child to stick their arms through or to use as handles (my son likes to stick his arms through and kind of have the box resting on or near his shoulders.)

Once this is all done you can decorate your box in any way you or your child pleases. Some suggestions for decorations: Scrap gift wrap or papers, paints, stickers, fabric scraps, glitter glues, confetti glues, beads, ribbons and more. Let you and your child’s imagination run wild. (My son chose a rainbow paint pattern, some painted on wheels, confetti glue and stickers to decorate his car with.)

These will get banged up a lot and might not last forever, but your child will have a lot of fun creating them and driving around the house in them. Plus they are cheap and easy enough to make that you can easily afford to make a new one to replace a over-loved box car.

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