Simple Tips: Caring for Your Plants

Whether you purchase your plants from your local flower shop or you raise them from seedlings, here are a few tips to help you along the way. Most people are concerned with sunlight exposure and watering schedules. And they should be! These two factors are the most important care you can give. These two factors will cause your plant to either thrive or die.

Potted plants’ watering schedules will vary depending on the type of plant and the conditions around the plant. First, follow the directions given on the package of seeds or on the plastic stick. Then, to determine the watering schedule follow these simple rules: If the air around the plant is moist and humid the plant will need less watering. If the environment is dry the plant may need more watering. To check the soil push your finger into the soil approximately one inch deep. If the soil feels moist the plant does not need watering. Check your plant again in a day or so. If the soil feels dry, water accordingly.

It is very important not to over-water your plants. If you notice the leaves or stem beginning to yellow, that means the plant is getting too much water. If you notice the plant beginning to wither, that means the plant needs more water. It is better to keep the soil well-drained and a little on the dry side than to over-water. Using quality soil works wonders. Use soil rich in minerals.
For most potted plants plenty of sunlight exposture is ideal. Plants should be exposed to as much natural sunlight as possible. They should be placed so that they can have sunlight throughout the day.

It is ideal to have your plant in the ground so that “Mother Nature” can take care of the sunlight exposure and watering schedules. Having your plants outside is best but if you decide to raise them inside for a while follow these simple tips. Good luck!

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