Simple Tips for Preventing Break – Ins at Your Home

Your home is suppose to be your safe place or haven but that feeling of safety can be lost when someone is trying to break into your home. You want to keep your home as safe as you can but maybe you don’t know all the tricks to keeping intruders at bay. The tips you are about to learn are easy to do and will definitely keep your home safer and get your home back to being a safe haven.

1. Keep outside lights on at night – Keep robbers guessing. If you only keep your lights on when you are away, they will get to know you are away when lights are on. So, while it is good to turn your light on it is not good to be predictable. Keeping outside lights on also helps you get rid of dark areas where burglars can hide out of sight. Doing this in conjunction with a security alarm system is an excellent way to help keep you and your family safe.

2. Clear items away from doorways and windows – Keep your view of the out side clear and prevent hiding spots for burglars. Tree branches and shrubs should be cut and any other item obstructing the windows of doorways should be removed.

3. Don’t make your home an easy target – If a robber thinks it will be too hard to break in they will pass by because there is a higher chance they will get caught. If you have a home alarm system it is recommended by police that you put signs and window stickers in places where they can easily be seen. This has been effective according to police.

4. Think like a burglar – If you can think of a way to break in so will they. Look around your house and test your entry doors, garage doors, and windows. Are there any weak spots? Continually ask yourself questions as you walk around your house and make notes, this will help you find out where your security is weak so you can fix the problems and ultimately make your home safer and your family safer.

After reading these tips you may realize what security your home could be missing and needs to be added or fixed. You may also find other ways while looking around you house to prevent intruders. Safety is definitely an important feeling to have while you are in your home, so instead of being scared and waiting for something to happen take action and create a safe environment for your family.

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