DIY- Build a Kitchen Island in One Day

Have you always wanted one f those nice center islands for you kitchen? Now you can have one! This one-day project uses shelving kits as a starting point, so you never have to use a saw. Here’s how easy it is…

Start by deciding how big you want your island to be. Here are some handy sizes to choose from:

a. 2ft by 2ft – shelves in two opposite sides
b. 2ft by 3ft – shelves on long sides
c. 2ft by 4ft – shelves on one short and two long sides
d. 2ft by 5ft – shelves on all four sides
e. 2ft by 4ft – shelves on all four sides

Which size you pick will decide which kits to start with. All the kits are two feet deep, but different lengths. Here’s what to buy for each of the sizes of islands above:

a. two two-foot long
b. two three-foot long
c. two three-foot long and one two-foot long
d. two three-foot long and two two-foot-long
e. four two-foot long

What side you choose really just depends on the size of your kitchen. You can find these DIY shelving units at your local discount store (Walmart, Target, etc.). The counter top you’ll find at a building supply or home improvement store. Just tell them your measurements and they’ll cut it (and usually even load it into the car!) for you. Be sure to mention that it’s for an island, so that you get the kind without a back splash.

You’ll also need a screwdriver, and couple dozen screws, and a tube of carpenter’s adhesive.

Assemble the shelving units as the packages instruct, and set them into position in your kitchen. (Back to back, with the shelves facing out.) Reach to the back of the shelves, and screw through so that the backs of the shelves are attached to each other.

Spread the carpenter’s glue all over the tops of the shelves, and lay the counter top into position. Depending on the size you picked, you may want to have a helper to lift it onto there. While the adhesive is still wet, put a few screws through from underneatthe top shelf, so that they go up into the counter top. This will hep to snug it down into position.

MAKE SURE that you don’t poke through the top of the counter top!!

If you think our screws might be a little too long, put them in at an angle to use up some of the length (or get different screws!). The shelf kits come in wood grain or white. If you want any other color, now is the time to paint them. Other than that, you’re all finished.

Enjoy your new kitchen island!

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