Why I’m Pleased with My Thane H2O Mop

Mopping floors is my most dreaded chore, and I have spent a lot of time and money on purchasing various mops and gadgets. So when I saw a TV commercial advertising the Thane H2O mop I just had to have it.

The H2O mop is designed to clean most floor surfaces as well as being able to give your carpets a face-lift. For those that are interested in environmentally friendly products this is for you, as the H2O mop uses the active power of steam and you do not need to use detergents or soaps. So long as you have access to water then you are OK.

I duly ordered my mop and in about a week it arrived. It was simple to put together just needing a Phillip’s screwdriver.

Time to test my new toy out

I filled the water tank with water and switched on. Within minutes, the orange light had turned green and we were ready to go.

My H2O mop was light and easy to use and YES it did clean my tiled kitchen floor beautifully.

The one draw back I have found is that I need to use more than one micro-fiber floor cloth as they tend to get soaked and then the floor stays wet. But at least you can throw these into the washing machine to spruce them up. I do after every use.

I also purchased the disposable cloths but seem to go through an awful lot of these.

Well it worked well on my kitchen floor how about my carpets?

To clean the carpet the mop has to be placed on a glider. I chose to spruce up a beige carpet in a high traffic area. To be honest I didn’t think it would make a difference but after going over this piece of carpet a couple of times it is beginning to look pretty good. No need now to go out and hire a carpet cleaner.

Included with H2O Mop

1500 watt H2O mop with 17ft cord

Measuring cup

2 micro fiber cloth pads

Carpet glider

Instruction manual

1-year limited warranty

I also purchased the disposable cloth pads too.

Cost of H2O Mop – $99

As a bonus I received a free portable steamer. Now this I really love. A few squirts and the grime just goes. With its long nozzle I have been able to attack spots that I previously have found hard to clean.

All in all I am very pleased with this purchase. No more mops and buckets and no more back breaking scrubbing.

I do think the commercial over-exaggerates its capabilities (but then, that’s what commercials are for) and did expect greater cleaning power. But then after saying that, I am pleased that I have one.

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