Simple Ways Women Can Avoid Cancer

Cancer is something we would all love to avoid. To most of us avoiding cancer, means making just a few lifestyle changes. If making just a few changes helps me to avoid hearing the dreaded C word, then I for one am willing to give it a try. Cancer happens in the cells of our organs and is when some of the cells divide in crazy ways. My husband received the diagnosis several years ago, of melanoma, a skin cancer. He endured a biopsy and surgical removal of a section of his neck tissue where a mole had been. The diagnosis and the treatment are scary stuff, both for the patient and his family. Information is powerful and can do lots to help alleviate fear of getting cancer. I have been by a dermatologist that 5 to 10 percent of cancer can be attributed to hereditary and as much as 50% of cancer could be prevented by lifestyle changes. If you knew ahead of time that you were going to be one of the cancer statistics and someone told you that you could make a lifestyle change now that would change that future statistic, would you make that lifestyle change? Here are just a few tips gathered throughout the years that may help to keep our bodies healthy and hopefully cancer free.

Use Sun Lotion everyday as part of your getting dressed routine. Cover all areas of your body that is not covered by clothing. Cloudy days require sun protection as well as sunny days. Lips are covered with skin and also require protection, use lip balm to protect this thin, sensitive skin. Use lightweight, long sleeved clothing to protect arms and long pants to protect your legs. A hat covering your head protects your face and eyes from sun damage.

Smokers should quit Cigarette Smoking, which is the cause of approximately 30% of all cancer deaths. Despite this statistic, and the widespread information in the media today, people still light up. Many say kicking the habit is just too hard, I say dying of lung cancer is even harder.

Be active during at least part of your day. Keep your body moving to burn calories and strengthen muscles. Being active can reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 20%. So take a walk during lunch break, or walk to near-by places instead of driving. Should you have a sedentary job, try doing leg exercises. These can be as simple as making circles with your feet, or raising one foot, then the other. You can also do like I do and bounce one foot to a favorite tune while you work J

Many of us have heard eating fruits and vegetables can reduce our cancer risk. How many of us eat the daily required servings though? I have been told to eat 5 to 8 servings from this combined food group daily, sadly most days I fail. I am however determined to try again tomorrow.

Drink less alcohol. I did not know until recently that women who drink just one alcoholic beverage a day are increasing their risk for breast cancer. Thank goodness, I have not touched alcohol in more years than I care to relate. I did drink in twenties and can understand why some may feel the need to drink as a means to relax. Finding a healthier way to relax and know that you are decreasing your cancer risk, well that is something to smile about.

Multivitamins that contain folate can help women decrease their risk of breast cancer, according to a Nurses’ Study. I’m not exactly sure what folate is but I will make it a point to take my daily woman’s vitamin if it means potentially keeping myself cancer free.

Using the following in your diet can help detoxify your body and that is one great way to help your body stay away from cancer:

Broccoli, Citrus fruit, Berries, Tomatoes, Spinach, Kate and other dark leafy greens, Brown rice, Almonds, Salmon, Sweet potatoes and Garlic.

Drinking at least 3 to 4 glasses of milk a day can actually give women a 44 percent lower risk of breast cancer, according to a University of Tromso in Norway, study. I love milk, but find myself drinking less, as my body seems to be less lactose tolerant than in my younger days. Time to pop the lactaid pills and get my 3 to 4 glasses of milk in.

Examining your skin, especially moles for changes can catch melanoma in its pre-cancerous stage and thus give you an excellent chance to beat the odds. This is what to look for regarding moles: one half of the mole does not match the other half, the border of the mole is jagged, blurred, or irregular looking, the color is not uniform or even in tone, any mole that is larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil. Should you notice any of these changes in any of your moles, seek medical attention from your physician or a dermatologist right away. Other skin irregularities to look out for are: unexplained bleeding, itching, unusual scabbing or crustiness; should also be addressed by a doctor.

I have known for years that drinking tea, especially green tea can reduce the risk of urinary tract, colon and stomach cancers. I happen to love drinking tea, so this tip is easy for me to adhere to on a daily basis.

We all would love to keep our bodies as healthy as possible, because who likes to be sick. Cancer is something most of us would like to avoid. Following cancer prevention tips can be easy if we make an effort to adapt them one at a time. Making one lifestyle change, over a two-week period will soon become a habit that we can do without giving it much thought. Taking a tips list like this and doing just one item for two weeks, then going on to another item and doing it for two weeks, and so on and so on, and before you know it, you are living a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle filled with healthy, cancer-avoiding habits will hopefully help you to avoid hearing that scary c word in the future.

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