How to Increase Vitamin B17 Intake

Vitamin B17 is believed to be one of the most important means of preventing cancer. There are several ways in which Vitamin B17 intake can be increased, with Vitamin B17 pills and consuming fruits rich in B17 being the most common methods. However, B17 does not have a Recommended Dietary Allowance because of the fact that the intake of this vitamin is not backed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Things Required:

– Apricot seeds
– Flax seed and flax seed oil
– Barley
– Bitter almonds
– Garbanzo beans
– Lentils
– Supplement


  • 1

    According to a theory still believed by some, eating 7 apricot seeds everyday can prevent cancer for a lifetime. Make eating apricot seeds a habit if you want to increase vitamin B17 intake.

  • 2

    Make sure that your diet includes flax because it is one of the richest sources of vitamin B17. Even though flax seed oil is not the best oil for cooking purposes, it can be added to salad recipes for increasing vitamin B17 intake.

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    Barley is another rich source of vitamin B17. Consider including barley in your everyday diet. Apart from increasing the vitamin B17 content of your food, barley adds a nutty flavour to the recipes in which it is used as an ingredient.

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    Apart from flax and barley, bitter almonds, garbanzo beans and lentils are also good sources of vitamin B17. However, not everyone can eat bitter almonds.

  • 5

    Alternatively, consider taking a vitamin B17 supplement. If you do not know how to find such a supplement, visit your nearest health food store.

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    In order to increase the vitamin B17 absorption capability of your body, consider eating a diet rich in manganese, magnesium, selenium, and vitamins A, B and C.

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