Small Apartment Storage Space

Storage space is an important part of any home, and no matter where you live, you can never have too much space for storage. Trying to find ample storage space in a small apartment is especially challenging, but with a little creativity and ingenuity it is possible to come up with extra storage space in a small apartment without making it appear cluttered or crowded. Try the following creative storage ideas for your small apartment. You’ll be surprised at how much storage space your small apartment really has to offer.

Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas

Many small apartments have efficiency galley-style kitchens, and more often than not, the wall at the end of the kitchen is completely bare. If your small apartment has an efficiency galley-style kitchen, make use of a bare wall, and add a jelly cupboard or free-standing pantry for storing canned goods, snack foods, bowls, cups, or any other kitchen items. It’s a valuable invest you can use for storage in any home.

If your kitchen cabinets aren’t mounted to the ceiling, make use of the dead space above the cabinets and store seldom used kitchen items in decorative baskets. The baskets will add interest and beauty to kitchen dÃ?©cor, and you’ll make use of otherwise useless space. Choose baskets with lids to keep out dust and airborne kitchen grease.

Are you lacking space for pots and pans in your small apartment kitchen? Take advantage of overhead space and hang a pot rack from the ceiling. If your small kitchen lacks square footage, hang the pot rack next to the wall rather than in the center of the kitchen. At the end of a narrow kitchen it will fit right it, and you’ll free up valuable storage space in your small apartment kitchen.

Small Apartment Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storage space in a bedroom is invaluable, and small apartment bedrooms often lack adequate closet space let alone room for dressers and other storage units. Make the most of the closet in your small apartment bedroom by adding free-standing shelving units. Strategically placed shelves will help you use every bit of available closet space.

Don’t forget about the space behind bedroom doors. Consider buying a shoe bag to hang on the backside of your bedroom closet door. You don’t have to use it exclusively for shoes. Shoe bags are handy for storing undergarments, t-shirts, socks, and anything else you can neatly tuck inside.

Small Apartment Laundry Room Storage Ideas

The laundry room in a small apartment is often nothing more than a closet, but you can find extra storage space in a laundry closet. If the laundry area is equipped with a shelf, plastic-coated wire baskets are available that attach to shelves. Line the bottom shelf in your apartment laundry room with a row of wire baskets. Use them to store rags, fabric softener sheets, towels, containers of nails and screws, and anything else you find handy in your small apartment.

If your laundry area provides an extra twelve inches of space between the washer and dryer, invest in a rollaway unit with drawers for storage. Organize the drawers with laundry supplies, hardware, tools, or whatever you want to store in your small apartment. Once your small apartment is neatly organized, you’ll be surprised by how much storage space it provides.

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