Snap Together the Pictures with Photoshop

For those that know about Photoshop, they may also know that it is one of the best programs in the world to help out with all of your photo needs, than Photoshop is the way to go. However, in order to get the basics, you will also want to know some of the steps to take in order to get the exact photo prepared for your individual or business needs.

One of the major reasons why some will use Photoshop is to enhance the digital pictures that they have. Photoshop has several elements that allow you to make small or large changes to your pictures, so that you can keep the memory exactly like you saw it when the flash to your camera went off.

The first thing you will want to adjust with any photo is the color and tone that the picture has. If it is a little too dark or too light, you can always use Photoshop in order to fix the problem. The first place to go is to layer up at the toolbar area. You can then push ‘new adjustment layer’ in order to get the right contrast up. From here, you can change the brightness and contrast as you want so that your picture is clearer. You can also push preview in order to see where you want the photo to stop.

Sometime, this alone won’t make your picture quite right. You can go back to the ‘Layer’ in the toolbar and back to ‘new adjustment layer.’ You can then click on ‘levels’ in order to make extra changes with your picture. This will allow you to control exactly how much brightness and contrast is in the picture, and will also give more clarity to the images. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can push auto to see what the recommended options are. This will usually give you a good idea of where to adjust the contrast from here.

The background of your photo, as some may already know, isn’t the only readjustment that is needed. Sometimes, the people that are in the photo may also be a little out of the memory that you are trying to create. Red eye, the wrong color face or teeth, and other things can all be adjusted in Photoshop. In order to do any of the brightening of specific parts of the image, you can simply use the ‘dodge’ tool, sometimes referred to as the ‘burn’ or ‘sponge’ tool, all which are designed to brighten or darken specific areas.

Once you click on the ‘dodge’ tool, you can set different mid tones to brighten or darken the area. When you do this, you will want to push on the hardness part of the tool and put it at 0. You can also lower the exposure, sometimes known as the diameter so that it will brighten the teeth. You can then zoom in on the specific area that you are brightening or darkening, take the tool and brush over the spots that need changed. You can preview the area so that you know you haven’t done too much with the image. The less you do, the better it will turn out.

This is the beginning to changing your images and bringing them back into focus. From here, you will have the ability to take your memories and remember them as they are, instead of how the camera reacted to the environment. With the use of these few Photoshop tricks, you will have the ability to put images exactly like you want them.

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