Soccer Positions: Choose the Right Player for the Right Position!

Soccer is a competitive, comprehensive game and knowing what position to play is key. Coaches evaluate each player taking into consideration special skills from each player that will determine just what position fits a player. The vital part of either choosing a position for you or assigning a position to a player is that you completely understand the components involved with each position on the field. Touching base on the basics is never an option to overlook.

The Goalkeeper

Each team has one goalkeeper often called simply the ‘Goalie’ and it’s the Goalies job to protect his team. This position requires the chosen Goalie to stay close to the post and to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal.

Sounds simple enough but what does it take for a player to be a good Goalie?

A Goalie is someone who can keep an eye on the field, someone not easily distracted, someone that’s not afraid of the ball, someone that’s not afraid to lunge in front of a ball to protect their chosen post and most of all, someone who is quick on their feet.

The Fullback

Each team depending on how many players there are usually has 2-4 players who play the full back position. Just like the Goalie the full backs have a primary job and that’s to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal as well but there part is played on the field. A full back position is similar to other popular sports positions as defense and the fullbacks help to provide a level of protection for the other players on the team to score. On occasion a full back will score but that’s not the primary focus for a fullback position.

A full back, once more, inline with the same directives as a Goalie but played on the field will have similar attributes.

An ideal candidate for this position is someone who can be a team player, someone with the team’s success in mind, someone that doesn’t want to be a ‘star’, with good concentration, someone who isn’t afraid to defend the ball and someone who can move fast not only on their feet but someone with a quick thought response. It’s all about timing and choices.

The Midfielder

Usually a team has 2-4 midfielders. There are two types of midfielders, offensive and defensive. Midfielders generally play between the positions of fullbacks and forwards which is what generally separates them from the offensive and the defensive. The offensive midfielders will play near the primary goal makers called forwards while the defensive midfielders play near the fullbacks to assist them as well.

A midfielder’s job requirements are a little more because they actually assist two positions, the fullbacks and the forwards. The midfielder is a player who thinks fast, someone who can play under pressure, someone that’s not afraid to make a quick decision on their feet, a team oriented player and someone who understands the method of play on the field.

The Forward

The forward is the primary goal maker and most teams have 1-3 players that play the forward position. A forward plays close to the opposing team’s goal, even though they are primary scorers the whole team works together to make a goal and other positions will take a shot at the goal if possible. That’s once of the most unique aspect of soccer, the team works together each protecting teammates and the goal; everyone plays important positions.

A forward is a player that’s motivated, someone who once again is a team player, quick on his or her feet and able to maintain control over the ball down a long stretch to score a goal. The forward is someone who knows how to handle a ball ultimately.


Soccer isn’t a very hard game to understand, the directives are clear and concise, so are the positions as well as what’s needed in the ideal player for each position. The problems are that sometimes because even though there are positions, players are encouraged to help out a team member to score and each player has the opportunity to make a score, some lose sight of what the real directive of their positions is when on the field.

Ultimately any player that plays soccer must be competitive against the opposing team on the field, the ideal player should focus on his or her own priorities and know when to step out to score when possible. Coaches who can effectively teach a player how to make a decision on the field are the ones who will have the most successful team with a good season.

Every position in Soccer is prestigious and when a player knows their position, when they take pride in their position and they full understand the object of their position; they will be successful.

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