Social Surroundings

You never really notice the way a person speaks until they come from another faraway city or town. The person speaking never thinks about their style of speech unless their voice is recorded. But when a person from say Brooklyn, New York comes to Atlanta, Georgia, their social surroundings shaped voice is distinctly heard by all in Atlanta. The same is true when a person from Atlanta goes to Brooklyn. All of our voices are shaped by the people in our social surroundings.

The most dominate foods in our social surroundings are created by it, too. There is not a city in the world that does not have a mainstay food. Food has a powerful effect on all social surroundings. Some cities create fame and fortune for their city with social ambiances created food. The whole world has heard of the Maine Lobster. Chef Emeril Lagasse (from the great city of New Orleans) is another worldwide sensation. Even the name of a county itself highlights their social surroundings created foods. The best Spanish foods in the world come from Spain’s social surroundings. And there can be no thought of great Mexican food without the thoughts of the great country of Mexico’s social surroundings. Yet there is one worldwide delicacy that most people seem to forget got started by the social surroundings in Italy (Pizza). Pizza Hut did not create Pizza. And as it always has, all of the broadcasts on television let the world know all about social surroundings created foods. That is how it has always been.

How you dress can be controlled by your social surroundings. The hot music or movie stars in the world may control the style of dress for a short period of time. But true social surroundings dress codes are always adhered to by a lot of their people living there. It is sometimes known right away where a person is from by the way they dress. The great country of Africa is greatly expressed with the adornment of their African dress styles. More than just the eyes of their body can be seen now by the world with the Muslin dress style. The sombrero is another item that is known all over the world. Your first thought pattern is created hats from Mexico. Thoughts of the orient always come into your mind when the oriental Pien Fu is seen.

Social surroundings can be influenced by health in all parts of the world. The weather determines social surroundings’ health, and social surroundings can be limited by it. Your social surroundings are temperature controlled. It is just impossible to have social surroundings with people in some parts of the world. The State of Florida’s climate permits social surroundings interaction all year round. Yet Antarctica’s social surroundings are limited to the will of insanely cold weather. There is no choice but to be isolated with just friends or family. Thus these social surroundings are somewhat controlled more by its native animals than man.

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