Solar Powered Products that Add Value to Your Home

As the trend continues to grow with solar power systems, and consumers realize the benefits to these installations, they are becoming more and more common. As solar power systems become more common, there are certain systems that can be added onto our homes to increase the value. Here are some examples of systems that can be added on to your home that will increase the value immensely. Solar panel electricity systems are available for installation at the cost of between ten to twenty thousand dollars, depending on the size of system and the amount of electricity required. Many states offer government incentive to install these systems, some up to seventy percent. Not only can they save money for the homeowner, increasing value to the potential buyer, but they can generate income with the excess power that can be sold back to the electric company. These features make this an attractive investment to anyone who is trying to sell their home, or make investments that will increase the value of their home.

Solar powered pool heaters are available through solar panel heating companies and can be installed for as little as three thousand dollars. They fare well in any state, as during the summer the sun is up for many hours, all over the country. The solar panel system captures the rays of the sun, and stores it within a battery which is than used to heat the pool. Besides the initial cost, heating the pool is free, and takes a burden from the homeowner during the summer months. Besides saving money, it gives the homeowner the luxury of having a heated pool, all year long!

Solar powered water heaters are available for most homes, and can be integrated with traditional methods of heating and powering a home. They can be installed through local solar power companies and range in price from three to six thousand dollars. After the water heater has been installed, the homeowner no longer has to rely on the city to heat the water. Solar power water heaters can increase the value of a home, because heating water comes with a high price tag. This could be a great investment for a house with more than one bathroom, shower, or with high occupancy.

Solar power is the way of the future. Not only does solar power halt the emissions of greenhouses gases into the atmosphere, after the initial set up fees with supply and product costs, it is virtually free. Solar power systems pay for themselves, and add value to homes, as they continually save the homeowner money. Many homeowners prefer solar power systems, as the emerging trend continues to grow because of these facts, and the fact that these solar power systems have little or no maintenance required.

The sun is a renewable resource, and it just makes sense for homeowners to take advantage of these available features. As they grow in popularity, costs are dropping for solar system installations – and they are more available than ever. Is it time to make an investment that is going to increase the value of your home, all while saving you money?

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