Some Great but Unknown Diner Places in Binighamton, NY

In the Binghamton, NY area there are some restaurants that you may not have heard of they are absolutely wonderful.

The first diner in Binighamton, NY to go to dinner that I have heard nothing but great reviews from my peers is called “Number 5.” The restaurant called Number 5 was so highly recommended to me by my friends that I just had to go and see what the big deal about this place was. Well this place is a huge deal and it is time that more people heard about it. From the outside this restaurant looks tiny but when you get inside it isn’t that small. They have plenty of space for customers. This restaurant is great to take a date or have a fancy dinner. The waiters are friendly and the cooks are really fast when it comes to getting out the food quickly to customers. The prices, considering how fancy the restaurant is, are pretty reasonably priced. For a group of four people, dinner with tip and tax will be around $80. The restaurant specializes in Italian food and they have a huge selection of wine, pastas, and fish. Their desserts are amazing and delicious. They come out to customers with a big dessert tray that holds a variety of pastries like chocolate moose cake, cheesecake, fruit, canolies and much more. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

The second best diner in Binighamton, NY for dinner in my opinion is called “The Spot.” The Spot is a very fancy diner. The first thing you will notice when you enter is the unusual white leather seats that you sit on at a table. There are mirrors and crystal lighting. The food is very good and the menu is very extensive with a large variety of food to eat. No matter what you get the food I guarantee will be delicious. I have ordered breakfast items in the past like pancakes and eggs which was very good. I have also ordered burgers and sandwiches which was also very good. The waitresses are very nice and the food comes out quickly and hot. The desserts are especially good. One of my friends ordered a Napoleon dessert and it was huge. It had several layers and tasted so rich and creamy and was so big that he had to take it home.

The next diner in Binighamton, NY is called Bubble-T. Bubble T is similar to an Internet CafÃ?© type of place. You go to the counter and order a drink and then sit down and read a magazine or newspaper which is next to the leather sofas in the store. For those of you who don’t know, Bubble-T is a type of drink, similar to a milkshake but without the milk. It has all kinds of flavors that the drink takes on like fruit or chocolate. It also has these small little balls at the bottom of the cup that are edible and give the drink flavor. The drink is actually of Asian decent and tastes really good. The prices are a big overpriced and the drinks range from $4-$5.

Finally, there is the BG’s store. It is similar to a pizza place. They have a t.v. on site that plays sports games on that night of the week. BG’s also sells delicious sandwiches. I love their special discounts like the buy 2 pizza slices and a coke for only $3. That price and deal is unbelievable. The prices in the store are also really cheap. They have plenty of seating and the owner of the store is really nice. I highly recommend this place for pizza.

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