Song Review: ‘Go Down Singing’ by Michelle Chamuel

Michelle Chamuel sure has had a busy 2013. First off, she achieved worldwide acclaim for her unique and powerful stylings during the fourth season of “The Voice,” becoming newcomer Usher’s first finale-getter and topping off her run on the show at a respectable second place. Shortly thereafter, she released her first post-“Voice” album under “The Reverb Junkie” moniker, achieving high marks for the effort here on Yahoo! while subsequently being correctly hailed in as a bespectacled electro-pop-techno-rock e.g. composer-arranger-performer-engineer-producer by fans. Now, not letting a potential moment for greatness slip by, the hard-working busy bee has released yet another effort in the form of single “Go Down Singing”- her first post-“Voice” release under the name that got her famous.

Available on iTunes since November 19, Chamuel has developed yet another must-have morsel for her passionate #frans for the generous price of 99 cents in a world where “$1.29” is seen far too often. “Go Down Singing” is a should-be pop hit if there ever was one, featuring intense, well-developed production interspersed amongst a vocal and lyric that find the heft of their might within their effective relatability. “Go Down Singing” is a song that anyone can relate to, in which Chamuel inspires her audience’s ear by relaying her own story of life struggles and the subsequent deliverance of comeuppance upon those who had the audacity to doubt her through living her dreams. No matter what they say or how they may judge her, she will quite literally “go down singing.”

“Go Down Singing” represents the kind of self-empowering magic juice that helped to establish acts like Katy Perry onto the pop scene (think “Firework” or “Roar”) brought to its highest point of evolution. In no way is the material presented here shallow. Chamuel’s vocal delivery is timed perfectly and naturally powerful, evoking the emotion conveyed through Theo Katzman and Tyler Duncan’s writing incredibly well whilst intertwining itself with ethereal instrumental work and an arrangement which punctuates Chamuel’s individuality with a few dozen exclamation points by the time it reaches its all-mighty bridge. The Michelle Chamuel experience, quite simply, is something that deserves to be enjoyed by any music lover, with “Go Down Singing” once again proving exactly why.

Also, Thick Glasses Music? Nice touch.

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