Song Review: ‘Lead Me Home’ by Jessica Sanchez

“American Idol” Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez sure has been busy this year. She started off her 2013 with the release of her debut solo album, “Me, You, & the Music”, much to the heartwarming reception of both her #blujay fanbase and the press alike. Now, near year’s end, she is still putting out some great tunes in the form of multiple guest appearances, including one studio recording just released entitled “Lead Me Home.” This track in particular is very special as, as per Sanchez’s own Facebook page, all sales proceeds will be forwarded to the American Red Cross benefiting the Philippines in light of devastating Typhoon Yolanda. On top of that, as should be expected by Jessica’s dedicated Blujays, this track does not disappoint.

“Lead Me Home” is in the style of the incredibly soulful R&B/classical-tinged ballads Sanchez was primarily known for during her “Idol” run. In many ways, like through its inspirational and relatable lyric, it’s an original song that can be the “I Will Always Love You” of her post-singing competition career. The vocal, as always, is richly nuanced and full of a soulful strength far beyond Jessica’s years, and when accompanied by the string and chorus ensemble present here, that fact is even better pronounced. From top to bottom and all around, “Lead Me Home” is an absolutely gorgeous track that fans of Sanchez should be eager to snap up for just $1.29. There’s some dual satisfaction here, too, given that Blujays can know that through purchasing “Lead Me Home”, they are saving countless lives in the Philippines affected by an absolutely terrifying natural disaster.

One more thing: “Lead Me Home” is actually the lead single for a professed “music and dance spectacular” by the name of “Heartbeat of Home”. The mission of this production is to deliver a profound piece of art to its audiences in the form of a unique and beautiful expression of Latin, Irish, and Afro-Cuban song and dance. “Heartbeat of Home” features 38 world-class actors and actresses and an amazing 10-piece band and is sure to be a treat for anyone who can make it to the event. For more information, check out the official website.

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