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There is no denying the growing popularity of online gambling. The old adage “Time is Money” may help explain why it is becoming the preferred betting method of punters worldwide. Why travel to Atlantic City when you can log in for free from anywhere at anytime? There are literally hundreds of internet casinos to choose from, many of which require a system download. Download a casino can be a arduous, time consuming process for high speed internet subscribers and virtually impossible for those with only dial up access. Naturally, such downloads raise internet security concerns with regard to spyware and viruses. With that in mind, there are two online gambling sites that rank high in customer satisfaction offering casino games with and without download, and a wide variety of sports books and poker tables; Sports Interaction and Being familiar with both sites I certainly recommend either to fill your gambling needs, however, in my opinion Sports Interaction has a slight edge.

Endorsed by former Buffalo Bills quarterback great Jim Kelly, Sports Interaction is user friendly for both beginners and professionals alike. In addition to a vast array of sports, games and tables to wager on, the site showcases an entertainment category where bettors can lay money down on who will take home Emmys or win the next Presidential race. Also, it is a Canadian based site, therefore, football refers to the NCAA, CFL or NFL leagues eliminating any confusion.

On the other hand, is run out of the United Kingdom. Football is soccer, rugby is extremely popular and the only entertainment to bet on is sports and game related. The site is flashier than Sports Interaction but no more difficult to use. One advantage has over Sports Interaction is their live chat feature. Gamblers can chat with an online representative at no extra charge for assistance with, among other things, web difficulties, depositing and withdrawing funds and placing bets.

It really goes without saying that secure financial transactions are the driving force behind the success of online gambling. It all begins with enrollment. Membership on either site is free and required to deposit funds. Both Sports Interaction and have a $20 minimum deposit. has a maximum capped at $10,000. Upon researching, I did not find a maximum limit on Sports Interaction. When depositing, there are several methods to consider ranging from credit card to E-check. Personally, credit cards have never worked for me on either site. Credit card companies are wary of authorizing transactions on gambling sites for fear of fraud. As for E-check capability, Sports Interaction comes out firmly on top.

Sports Interaction E-check funding is done through Swiftpay, an online money account similar to PayPal. With a Swiftpay account, money can be transferred to your Sports Interaction account immediately. On, there are several E-check options but monies are not instantly made available. Transfers can take days, way too long to satisfy the needs of even the novice gambler. Unfortunately payouts on either site can take up to a week. According to the sites, the reasoning behind the delay is to ensure the availability of withdrawals. More likely, they want to hook you in to playing with your winnings in order to profit off your future losses.

Make no mistake though, money can be won on either site. Odds are always fair, even favorable. But if you ascribe to the House Always Wins mentality, there are Play For Fun options on many of the games on each site. The zest that comes with real games may not be there but the cash in your pockets will. And the more money you get to keep, the better your odds of booking a trip to Vegas.

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