Difference Between DNA and Genes

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and gene are both biological terms related to the inheritance of human beings. However, there is a considerable difference between both the terminologies. You must know that genes are just a part of DNA in your body. Moreover, the genes only determine your traits which you have inherited from your parents and ancestors. On the other hand, DNA determines much more than just the traits.

In addition, genes have been a part of biological studies for a long time. In contrast, the study of DNA started from the last few decades.


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    It is a molecule which encodes all the genetic information for the development as well as functioning of every living thing including many viruses. It is one of the 3 main macromolecules (other 2 include RNA and proteins) which are essential for the very existence of life.

    It has the genetic information encoded in a sequence of four nucleotides which include guanine, adenine, thymine and cytosine. It will be important to mention that most of the molecules consist of two long polymers which are made up of some simple units known as nucleotides, sugar (deoxyribose), groups of phosphate and the nucleobases which are attached with the deoxyribose.

    Furthermore, it is like a chain of different links which decides the functioning of different cells in your body. Basically, it contains two copies and each copy consists of twenty three chromosomes. One copy is from father and one copy is from mother. The combination of these copies is unique through which you can easily identify your mother and father.

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    It is a subset of DNA and a molecular unit which represents the heredity of a living organism. It consists of some stretches of DNA and RNA which code for the polypeptide. Your genes determine your personal traits which you inherit from your mother and father. Moreover, they decide the functioning of different cells which you body contain and how the protein will be carried for the process of building of your body including your reproduction.

    All living organisms transfer their traits to their offspring through the genetic codes ‘genes’. There have been some significant developments in the field of genetic engineering in the past few years and huge money has been invested for further research in it.

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