Starcraft Ghost – a Different View of Starcraft

I have always been a huge Starcraft fan, and have played the original and the expansion for the computer. I have never seen anything wrong with it, so I was wondering why they were changing to an RPG look, but I have to say it looks pretty sweet! In fact my favorite race was the Zerg, just because I love the sound they make when you click on them, and when in bunches can demolish a base. When I saw the screenshots and videos of this video game, I was so shocked. I saw the Zerg up close, and never actually knew they looked that disgusting. To top it all off your Nova, who is a lethal Ghost operative who is trained to kill… It’s as simple as that. Now let’s get on with the good stuff and to why this game will probably be a sellout everywhere.


The visualizations in this game look so great, that when I first got a glimpse of this game I was like. “Whoa!” It was that amazing. The 3D environments are so immersive that if you saw this game you wouldn’t think it was Starcraft… Seriously! I don’t know much more to say since this game isn’t out, and isn’t coming out anytime soon, so what I am calling this is a preview, not a review. From what I have seen though this game looks to be a top seller, and everything falls into place.


I don’t know too much about the sound, but I do know that the developers were going to input a lot of the original sounds into the game. I really enjoy the Terran theme song that is played in the background when you play with Terran, so I hope that is updated to some awesome sounding version of that theme. Basically if the music is anything like the original, they are in good shape.


This game refines to the experience of Starcraft to the next level, as this time without the army, you are one soldier on a mission to stop the chaos. Pretty much just visualize any first person shooter, and you’ll get this game, except fighting Protoss, and Zerg monsters in a 3D environment. The gameplay looks similar to Perfect Dark in my opinion, as when you see in some of the screenshots how Nova is standing and getting ready to blast monsters. As I was reading in another article, the AI(Artificial Intelligence), of the enemies are very good, and you won’t be able to get by easy in many conditions, so you will need to bring your A game if you want to complete this game. When I saw someone playing a demo of the game, they went up against the Terran forces and literally had to cloak there way to the other side and sneak attack them because they were so smart, and wouldn’t let down. The game is more in third person than anything so if you are expecting a first person shooter out of this then nope… If you have ever played Win Back, or Resident Evil, this game has similar gameplay to that.

The Overall Effect

Remember the infamous EMP Shockwave in Starcraft for the PC. Well it is back in this version of the game, and this time they are calling it EMP Strike, and when place on an object explodes and paralyzes anything around it. Pylons will be returning from the Protess force, and to get into there bases you will need to destroy the Pylons in order to deactivate the Cannons. I also heard even though the Zerg weren’t shown at any of the demos, that they will have there own unique style of fighting, as they are supposed to be the toughest of them all. In the original Starcraft, Protoss was the super power, and still probably are, but if the Zerg attack you in any way shape or form in bunches then you are screwed… Plain and Simple! In order to kill most of the units in this game you will need to find weak spots, as shooting many of the units in the leg, or head just won’t cut it all of the time. The difficulty of this game is scheduled to be on the Hard level, so be prepared for a fun, and tedious game in Starcraft Ghost. Oh yeah, and you’ll have to wait for all of this until Early to Mid 2003.

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