How to Beat Halo 3 Scarab Tank

It is not uncommon to hear Halo 3 players complaining about the powerful type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform, more commonly referred to as the Scarab Tank. Beating the mobile fortresses has proved to be a challenge that a significant percentage of Halo 3 players have struggled with.

While destroying the Scarab Tank is undoubtedly hard, it is not impossible. It will surely put the skills of a player to the test, but skills alone are not enough to bring the deadly mobile fortresses down. They need to be attacked in a certain manner and at certain areas if they are to be destroyed.


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    One of the most effective ways to destroy a Scarab Tank is to use a weapon or vehicle that can attack it from a long range. The Missile Pod, Gauss Warthog and Scorpion Tank are your best bets against the formidable Covenant mobile mining platform. Use your long-ranged weapon or vehicle to target the Scarab Tank’s legs or joints. By destroying its legs, you will send it into a temporary emergency mode, thus making it immobile. While the mobile fortress is in this state, it will be low enough for you to board it and shoot the back plating off - this is part of the vehicle’s external armour and the only thing that is protecting its core. Once the core is exposed, shoot at it to destroy it and thus the vehicle.

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    In case you are engaging your first Scarab Tank in Halo 3, then you will need to do things a bit differently. Rather than simply using a long-ranged weapon to attack its legs or joints and then boarding it to attack the core, search for an elevator in the area. You will need this elevator to rise up and board the Scarab Tank. Look for the blue force-field on the back of the vehicle and start shooting at it until it is disabled. You will now have two options available to you in order to complete the job of destroying the Scarab Tank, depending on whether you have a grenade in your arsenal or not. If you do have a grenade with you, plant it where the blue force-field was and run away before it blows up, destroying the whole vehicle. If you do not have a grenade in your arsenal, keep shooting the light where the force-field was. It will eventually turn red and begin to flash. Quickly get off of the Scarab Tank before it blows up.

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