Strivectin…Better Than Botox?

Strivectin is a skin product who’s marketing program poses the question of whether it is ” better than botox”. As someone who has used both products I can give you my firsthand experience.

I think the first thing people might notice is that Strivectin does not say it IS better than botox. The package simply asks a question and there is a reason for this. If Strivectin said..”we are better than botox” they would have to back that up. I do not know how they would be able to do that since comparing botox and Strivectin is like comparing apples and oranges.

The way that botox minimizes wrinkles is by temporarily paralyzing the muscles under the skin. The muscles go slack and appear flatter. They flattening of the muscle causes the skin to straighten considerably. The bunched muscles actually expand. There many still be lines on the skin but they are less noticeable by far. In addition, when someone has a botox injection they can not flex these muscles for six months. During that time no new expression lines can be formed. If a person was to have botox every six months they would literally stop forming new wrinkles in whatever section of the face they choose. Some people say using botox does not allow for all one’s natural expression. I say wrinkling one’s forehead is overrated and not a particularly “good look” for anyone. I have seen myself when I am deep in thought, with those furrows between my eyebrows. If I never saw it again, I would not be too upset.

Strivectin does not affect anything beneath the skin’s upper level. The hoopla over Strivectin began when it was shown to be able to lighten stretch marks. There has been some evidence that Strivectin can help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Unfortunately this does not translate to smoothing wrinkles in a meaningful way. One good thing I can say about Strivectin is that is one of the best moisturizers i have ever used. My skin did feel a lot softer but there was not much of a marked difference, even in the finer lines. I am all for soft skin but that is not the reason I bought the product..

Some might make the argument that Strivectin is far less expensive than botox treatments and carries with it no risks. With botox injections there is a slight possibly that the eyelid can droop if too much is injected. This does clear up with time and is not a common occurrence. I would argue that if I buy a product is not effective I’m not really saving any money,,,,, I’m wasting it..

I would have the same defense to the.”well, strivectin does not hurt” argument. Botox can be painful, even with topical anesthetics, but the pain is not excruciating. The pain passes and the results are noticeable and long-lasting. Strivectin might not hurt but it also does not make a big difference in appearance. Strivectin “better than botox”? No. It is less expensive but that is not “better”. When it comes to Strivectin I have one thing to say.. Save your money………..for botox or anything else you’d like.

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