Strong Women v.s Weak Men: How Strong Women Can Find Love Too

Everyone woman has in her the ability to help her man grow from failure to success. In other words, she was built with the necessary components to take his small vision and expand it to something grand.

But just as she has the ability entrusted to her by Almighty God to help her man grow, if not used wisely this same ability can be used to hinder or stunt her man’s growth.

Every woman wants a great man. That is where the problem lies because you may have a great man but you can’t see it. If you look at what he has by the world’s standard or if you compare him to what the religious mind says, then he may not amount to much.

Based on what we are conditioned by television and other media to think about what a real man should be like maybe your man does not measure up. He doesn’t talk right. He may not have good ideas. He doesn’t have a good paying job, or he may not have a job at all.

No matter what his status, it is not your job to speak to and/or about what he is or is not and judge him by the world’s standard. It is your job to look at him and to speak to him as if you’re seeing him the way God saw him when He was creating him.

Whether you see it or not, God created this man to be a king. To rule and dominate in His stead on earth as if God himself was walking the earth� and you his queen by his side.

When you begin to look at your man, no matter what state he is in now, from the eyes of God, then you will see the vast treasure that lies within him. A treasure that is needing and begging to be cultivated and incubated by your words, your wisdom, your beauty and every gift that God has put inside of you.

There is a scripture that reads, “without a vision the people perish.” Even worse than that is to have two or more visions competing within the same household. Wherever there are two or more visions within the same house you have a “di” vision. The prefix “di” means two. And house with two or more separate visions is house divided and house divided cannot stand.

Oh woman! Great and mighty that you areâÂ?¦ See and know that your vision and his vision are one. And the only true way to savor God’s blessings is to look into his eyes and see the mirror of your soul and know without a doubt that when you help him rise to be all that he can be that you rise too.

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