Student Disappointed in Online Class

WINSTON SALEM – “I took the class so I could better my writing skills,” says Kristine Empire, 25. “But I don’t think it’s bettering my writing skills at all.” This North Carolina woman paid $48 for an online class in technical writing. The class was hosted by her local community college, but included students from across the nation. “We don’t have to turn in homework or show up for class. I can get wasted every night and still get an A,” says Empire. The class instructor posts two lessons per week on an online blackboard. The students then read the material and take a short quiz. “You can take the quiz over if you don’t pass it,” adds Empire. “Actually, you can keep taking it over and over until you get all the answers right.” Empire really misses her alma mater since graduating. “We don’t even have a mascot,” Empire laments. “And if we did, it would probably be a computer mouse.” This seems highly likely, given the lack of mascot-friendly animals associated with the internet. But for now, Empire is trying to remain optimistic. “It was only $48,” she says. “And when I finish the class I get a certificate.” It is not known if the certificate will mean anything or not.

Ruby Hurst is a reporter with the local newspaper. Her articles have yet to be published in the local newspaper.

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