Sugar Gliders as Pets

The sugar glider is a very small marsupial that lives in the trees in the wild. Its scientific name is Petaurus Breviceps. Some other marsupials are kangaroos and opossums. Like most animals in the marsupial family, sugar gliders carry their babies in a pouch where they grow and develop. They originally came from New Guinea, Tasmania, Indonesia, and Australia. This fascinating animal can actually glide over 150 feet by using their gliding membrane, called the patagium! The patagium is a thin piece of skin that stretches from their ankles to their wrists.

If you are considering getting a sugar glider, be sure you do all the research you can on them and learn how to take care of them. This animal can live to be fifteen years old so make sure you can take care of it for that long. They also are extremely social animals that need to have attention. You can’t just buy one and then leave it in its cage all the time.

Another thing you need to realize is that sugar gliders are nocturnal. You aren’t going to be able to play with it in the daytime. They are only awake when it is dark. Make sure you will have time at night to play with your glider before you get one. They also need to be fed at night because they don’t usually eat during the day.

Because sugar gliders are considered exotic animals, they are not legal everywhere. Before you even think of getting one, make sure you can have them. In some states they are illegal altogether and in other states they are illegal in certain counties. The illegal states are Alaska, Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

Sugar gliders need very large cages because of how active they are at night. They can’t be kept in small cages or they could develop neurological problems. If they don’t have anything to do, they might start chewing their own tails off or other parts of their body. The minimum cage size for this animal is 18 inches long by 18 inches wide by 36 inches tall. Try to get the largest cage you can so you can make your pet happy. A taller cage is better than a long or wide cage because they love the height. When you get a cage, make sure you don’t get galvanized wire. This can cause urinary tract infections in your glider. One of the best types of wire for their cage is powder coated wire.

You will also need to purchase accessories for your glider. First, they will need a sleeping place. The best option for this is fleece pouches. Make sure that it is made out of fleece because sugar gliders have been known to get their nails caught in other fabrics. You should also get many toys for your sugar glider to play with. They are very curious animals and love to play with toys. Some great toys are bells, ladders, ropes, swings, and perches. Make sure nothing on the toys can be swallowed though. One of the most important toys for your glider is a wheel. This will give them the exercise they need. Make sure you get a solid wheel, not a wire wheel, so their paws and tails don’t get caught.

If you decide to get a sugar glider, you will need to pick out a good diet. It is imperative that they eat healthy, nutritious food. There are several proven diets that you can choose from such as the BML diet, the Sugar Glider Exotic Diet, Darcy’s Diet, and the Suncoast Diet. If you do a search on the internet for these diets you can learn how to prepare them. Sugar gliders need to be fed every single night. Unlike other animals, you don’t just leave food out in the cage for them. Their food must be prepared daily.

Before you get a sugar glider, make sure that you find a vet that treats them. Many vets won’t treat them because they are actually considered to be an exotic animal. You should bring your pet to the vet every year for a checkup, even though they don’t need any shots. If you see any strange behaviors from your pet, don’t hesitate to bring them to the vet. They are very good at hiding illnesses.

The best thing about sugar gliders is the incredible bond they form with their owner. You have to spend time with your glider every day for them to develop the bond. In the daytime, you can carry them around in either your pocket or a bonding pouch while they are sleeping. They will get used to your scent this way. Be sure that you never go outdoors with a glider in an open pocket or pouch! Throughout the day you can also give your pet treats so that your sugar glider associates you with good things. When it’s nighttime, you can also bring your pet out for playtime. Take them out in a room that is shut off from the rest of the house and make sure everything in the room is safe. Cover the electrical outlets, check for any holes they could fit in, and take out any harmful chemicals. If you don’t have an appropriate room in your house, you can get a regular camping tent and have playtime in there. Your glider will really get to know you during playtime. Once your glider learns to trust you, it will form a very strong bond with you and won’t want to be without you.

Sugar gliders make extraordinary pets if they are given the care they need. They must be given plenty of attention. You may want to get two sugar gliders so they can get the socialization they need. They are very fascinating animals to watch and play with.

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