Summer Escapes Self-Rising Pool

Last weekend, my wife and I bought a swimming pool for our back yard. It is from Summer Escapes, and measures 15 feet by 48″, and self rises as it fills with water. I found that it is best to have at least three people available to help set it up. It will hold close to 5,000 gallons of water.

We purchased the pool for about $130 on sale, and included with the pool was a cover, ladder, filter pump and hoses, a skimmer and a water vacuum. Included with the filter pump, is one filter. You do need to purchase the chemicals, and chlorine separately, as well as a water tester kit, and a pool blanket (tarp) so that it’s not sitting directly on the ground. I was told the the paper testers were about worthless, and was suggested that I get the tester with the liquid drops. It’s pretty simple to use.

After locating an area in the yard where I THOUGHT it was level, I started filling the pool. After about 5 hours through the garden hose, the pool was not very level. Water was up to one top of one side, and the other could come up a ways yet. After putting nearly 5,000 gallons of water in the pool, I opted to let it go until I had to empty it and put fresh water back in. However, the next day, my middle step-daughter came over to use the pool, and then told me that it was only half full. Apparently one side had somehow collapsed, and lost half the water. We emptied it out completely and moved it to a more level spot.

From that experience, I suggest this. Find a fairly level spot in the yard. Put a round stake in the ground about where the middle of the pool will be. Tie a clothesline to the stake, and mark out a 15 foot diameter (or whatever the size your pool is) circle. Get some sand or top soil and evenly spread around your circle you just marked out. You can get a small level that clips to a string line from your hardware store. Clip it to your line to keep the string level, and smooth out your dirt using that as a guide. It will save you a lot of trouble in the end. Next, lay out your 15 foot tarp over the dirt, then carefully lay out your pool with your helpers. Now keep in mind that the pool sides will be impossible to keep smooth, but that doesn’t matter, as it will even out as it fills with water. Just worry about the bottom. Try to smooth out the wrinkles as best you can. As you get the first few inches of water in the pool, you can step in it and smooth it out with your feet. Once that’s done, just leave it alone. Let the water do the rest.

There is a ring on the top of the pool sides that needs to be inflated. You can do that just before you start filling with water or after you start it. Through the next several hours, you’ll see the pool start to take shape. Don’t forget to put the plugs in the holes for the filter pump though! Once your pool is filled, it should settle evenly on the dirt you laid down.

The pump works fairly well. It has a reservoir for 1 inch chlorine tablets. It will hold up to ten, but I suggest maybe eight of them, otherwise you may have too much in the water. But it’s important that you test your water to be sure.

We’ve been using the pool a lot already, and are pretty happy with it. It’s serves it’s purpose for those that can’t afford an in-ground pool. If you have neighbors with little kids around as we do, I suggest also that you keep the cover on the pool when not in use, as well as remove and lock away your ladder! It’ll help prevent an accidental drowning.

Happy bobbing!

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