Sung-Jin- Ha and Sung-Yoon-Bang: The Two Hottest Basketball Players

Two players already super hot in Korea and making a swish in our basketball hearts in America is Sung-Jin-Ha, and Sung-Yoon-Bang. Ha only 19, and is now playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. Ha is from South Korea, weighs 305 pounds, height 7′ 3′ is new to the blazers, but already making strong headway he is a massive center, and will soon show the NBA he means business.

� Ha, 7-foot-4-inch entered the U.S.A. on Dec. 3, 2004
� Started playing for the Portland Reign ABA
âÂ?¢ Played 20 minutes for the first time as an affiliate of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers against the Fresno Heat wave this is the beginning of the season for them.
� Ha grabbed himself 15 points, eight rebounds, and three blocks, still the team lost 121-106.
âÂ?¢ He was drafted 46th pick in June’s NBA draft.

The other talent player which hasn’t yet achieved NBA status yet, but is already as popular as Michael Jordan in Korea; a man known as Sung-Yoon-Bang. He is a starter for the Roanoke Dazzle in the NBDL. He made superstar status in Korea after defeating Yao Ming in the China vs. Korea game in the Olympics. The Koreans love him for that fact.

Sung-Yoon Bang, age 22 years, 6′ 5″, shooting starter guard at a game against the Patriots scored 13 points with four rebounds putting on a show on the court to beat the Fayetteville Patriots 114-90 in it’s season starter. He opened for the first 20 minutes of the game. The NBDL is impressed with this 20th pick in the dazzle draft.

Will the big bang theory hold true? Everyone is hoping and praying that the dazzle star will shine bright like the Roanoke city star. Bang who is still learning English walks around with friend and translator Gilbert Lee. Bang’s life dream is to star in the NBA and he looks confidant enough to do just this. His team mates agree that he has NBA star potential and that he could make it on his own. He is only the second Korean to play basketball in the United States professionally. With 11.2 points per game his shot can be explosive with a game high of 28 points this year. His name sounds good right after he drains a three from the three point line “Bang-Bang for three!” An unselfish player sometimes his teammates have to tell him to shoot it bang!

The fans love to watch him play and come to the dazzle from all over just to see him play. Sometimes they ask about him by name. Back home he is considered a hero because of the Korean vs. China win. This win was a first for Korea in 20 years. Bang has some basketball hero’s of his own he likes Michael Jordan well who doesn’t and Steve Kerr, Mike Bibby is another hot favorite of Bang. In the local Roanoke area you can catch Bang’s games at the Roanoke Civic Center. New to the Civic Center is the flock of Korean fans dieing to see this rising dragon warrior play. His fire and intensity is impressive especially when he dives for a loose ball. He’s also not afraid to shoot taking shots from anywhere and everywhere he sees fit. Fully recovered from his injuries he is ready to take the NBA by storm. Yao watch out because Bang might be playing you again sometime soon in your near future. And just like the China game this Korean gem is going to shine the floor with the Rockets.

There are other Asian players worth mentioning. November 16th Satoshi Miyata signs with Warriors and becomes one of the key players on the Ontario (California) pro team. The Japanese native is proclaimed the first of its kind to be on a Warriors team. Miyata age 26 was a star in Japan for two whole seasons before the scouts saw that this basketball player had some true star quality potential. This 5-11 145 pound point guard can bring speed and quickness to the team, and bring the Warriors to their true potential. The Warriors will start a long 36-gaming schedule, which will be held to begin on Nov. 19 2005.

Yao Ming 7′, 6″, 310 pounds center started playing for the Rockets with a vengeance known for his block shots and strong center abilities he is a force to be recognized. Averaging 18 points a game this China man started in the Olympics as well as the NBA. Both of his parents played basketball so he has the basketball coursing through his veins. He loves the game and is known for being a really nice guy on and off the court. With all these new athletes coming from other parts of the globe it nice to see that the NBA has such great talented players in the mix.

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