TLC’s What Not to Wear: Airing Friday Nights at 9/8c

“What Not to Wear,” TLC’s version of the British style makeover show is a hit. With stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, hairstylist Nick Arrojo and make-up artist Carmindy, this show offers both fashion advice and entertainment.

In each of the weekly series of “What Not to Wear,” airing Friday nights at 9pm, 8 central, a fashion victim is chosen. Family and friends nominate these people with less than stylish wardrobes. Clinton, Stacy, and the entire “What Not to Wear” crew surprise the victim with video footage of their fashion crimes and a Visa card worth $5000.

Everyone flies back to New York City and the work begins. Faced with a 360-degree mirror and their entire wardrobe, victims are asked to model their favorite outfits. This is when the torture really begins. Clinton and Stacy enter the room and ridicule the person, pointing out the flaws in their attire. This critique is often funny, but is sometimes downright mean.

After several outfits are tried on and critiqued, most or all of the current wardrobe is thrown out (or given to charity, I hope). Next, the fashion victim is given fashion advise tailored to their lifestyle and body type. Polaroid’s are sometimes given as reminders of the new fashion “rules.”

Early the next morning, the “fun” part begins. The person heads out to the New York stores with their new rules and with their Visa card. This part is always fun to watch. Who wouldn’t like to imagine what they would buy with $5000 in New York? The shopping isn’t always fun and games, though. Faced with insight into their past fashion mistakes, many of the people have a hard time finding things to buy. Sometimes a fuller-figured woman won’t be able to find anything to fit her. This is often gut-wrenching. The second day of shopping usually goes much smoother as Clinton and Stacy help the person pick out their clothes and teach them to put outfits together.

The last day is sometimes the hardest for the clients of “What Not to Wear.” It is hair and makeup day. This sounds like fun, but for many, it is torture. Many women cry at the prospect of having their hair cut (which I think is silly). One girl cried as to not have her hair highlighted. I think people take this a little to far. It’s hair- it grows! After hair is makeup. Many times Carmindy needs to tell women to tone-down their look.

After all of this re-vamping is the reveals. First, for Clinton and Kelly, the client shows off three new looks. The hosts say goodbye, and tears sometimes follow. Next is the trip home, and the reveal to friends and family. Every time the family loves the new look. I find this a little unrealistic. Perhaps they are just begin nice, but I would think that there would be at least one husband or child that would think, “what did you DO?”

All in all, I find “What Not to Wear” to be an enjoyable show. I have been watching it for years. I like the fashion advice, the fairytale aspect of it, and the entertainment. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves fashion, makeover stories, or reality shows, because “What Not to Wear” is all those things and more.

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