TV Shows for Kids: Even Stevens

Even Stevens is a live action television show geared towards children. The show debuted on June 17, 2000 and new episodes of the show appeared on the Disney Channel over the next three years. A total of 65 episodes appeared on the Disney Channel during this time.

Even Stevens was originally created by Matt Dearborn, and the original executive producers were Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren. The show was taken over by David Brookwell and Sean McNamara for Season 3. The main character in the show, Louis Stevens, is played by actor Shia LaBeouf. Other main characters and the actors / actresses who play them are:
Ren Stevens – Christy Carlson Romano
Tawny Dean – Margo Harshman
Donnie Stevens – Nick Spano
Steve Stevens – Tom Virtue
Eileen Stevens – Donna Pescow
Alan Twitty – A.J. Trauth

Even Stevens follows the Stevens family from day to day. The main plot of the show follows all of the crazy ideas that Louis comes up with to bother his sister, Ren. The show was very popular on the Disney Channel, but, due to Disney’s policies, it was still canceled after The Even Stevens Movie aired. The show was picked up, however, by WGN Superstation where it is expected to begin airing in 2006.

The main characters are the following members of the Stevens family:
Louis – He is always thinking of plans to try and fool or annoy his sister and parents. Although he begins in the first few episodes as a weird kid with few friends, he later becomes popular due to his antics.
Ren – She is Louis’ older sister who he loves to annoy. She spends most of her time trying to be the perfect student, but she usually ends up having to deal with Louis.
Eileen and Steve – They are Louis’ parents and also come up on the wrong end of some of Louis’ pranks.
Donnie – He is Louis’ brother who is portrayed as the typical jock.

Louis’ two best friends are the other main characters on Even Stevens:
Alan Twitty – He often takes part in Louis’ pranks, but he is also the one who has to help Louis out when his tricks go wrong.
Tawny Dean – She is Louis’ friend and girlfriend. She is usually trying to convince Louis and Alan not to follow through with whatever idea they have in mind.

Even Stevens is another example of how popular a show about kids pulling pranks on their family and others can be. If not for Disney’s policies on shows only airing so long, then Even Stevens would certainly still be running as it is very popular among children.

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