Ten Blogs About Gays and Lesbians

Gay News Blog – This blog is exactly what it sounds like, a gay news blog, and by gay I mean GLBTQ. Here you can find all the news from around the country concerning gay rights. With all the states doing their own thing on the marriage debate this is the place to turn to get all your information in one spot. No need to read through papers in numerous cities, everything you want is right here. It is frequently updated so you can check it more than once a day.

Good As You – The mission statement of this blog reads, “Using humor and irreverence rather than anger and protests, Good As You represents a new generation of GLSBT activism.” The strength of this site is in fact its humor. It’s a very enjoyable read, and there are some pretty graphics as well.

The Lesbian Lifestyle – This is a different take on blog writing. The Lesbian Lifestyle blog is written by many, many (20+ bloggers) different women. They each write about whatever they want in addition to writing posts on specific topics. Each month there are 1-3 posts that every blogger on the site must write about (this month – 1. The Do’s and Don’ts of buying a home as a gay couple and 2. Should you remain friends with your ex(s)?). What all this means is that there is so much new content on this blog all the time. If you are a lesbian and like this blog you can even send in your story and it may be published on the site.

Governor of Gayville – This blog won’t be for everyone. It reads kind of like a journal. At the left are a list of “characters” with links to bios so you can figure out who the blogger is talking about in her entries. For instance the blogger is “The Governor” and when she writes about “The Programmer” then she’s writing about her girlfriend. Sound confusing? Go to the blog and you can see it’s not as confusing as it sounds. It’s just like watching a real television soap opera; it takes a few days for you to figure out what exactly is going on but once you do, you’re addicted.

Towleroad – This is more like a celebrity gossip blog, but it’s written with a gay spin, or as it says on the blog “A blog with homosexual tendencies.” Written by Andy Towle, Towleroad blogs about good looking male celebrities. It celebrates their beauty by posting photos of the men, including a recent David Beckham shirtless Got Milk? print advertisement. Not everything on here is superficial however; there are plenty of gay rights articles summarized and linked to.

A Modern Day Tragedy – This blog is written by a boy still in high school and that’s why I’ve included it on the list. The rest of the blogs on here are written from an adult viewpoint. A Modern Day Tragedy is written by a kid, and he hasn’t even told anyone in his “real” life about the blog. Basically the content on here is diary-like, the kinds of things that happen on to him on an everyday basis.

Gay Patriot – It’s not so often you find a gay conservative, but if you know of one, lead that person to this blog. Recent posts have been more generally political minded rather than being about an issue like gay rights. This blog certainly isn’t for everyone, but this list gay blogs features blogs for many people, not just the liberals.

Mombian – Mombian is a blog intended for lesbian moms and is written by a lesbian mother of a three year old. It offers content on parenting, government issues, and information relating to being a lesbian mother. This is a good blog for any woman, lesbian or not, as it discusses many women’s issues (equal rights, birth control).

Kenneth in the 212 – The 212 in this blog’s title refers to one of the area codes for New York City. That being said, this is a blog written by a gay man (Kenneth) in Manhattan. He blogs about many things including pop culture, books, New York City, music, and tennis. Presently there’s a lot of men’s tennis coverage as the U.S. Open is going on in Queens.

Life of a Sassy Femme – Written by a 30-something femme, and wife, Life of a Sassy Femme is the last entry on this list. The blogger mainly tells stories about her relationship with her wife and what they go through on a day to day basis ( a fight, work, etc), but also includes posts about the WNBA and The L Word.

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