Ten Family Friendly Jokes

It is a common misconception that we are not all going to get something out of every class we ever took in school. The following jokes refute that notion. After scouring my college notebooks, I have hand-selected my ten favorite jokes from literally hundreds of worthy candidates.

So, if you are someone who loves blank stares, appreciates a pity laugh, or simply likes to hear co-workers say, “wow,” while scratching their head and retreating slowly, please read on.

10. What do you call a bunch of pigs in New York City?

Central Pork

9. Where do oysters go to gamble?

clams casino

8. What do you call a cul-de-sac in a cemetery?

a dead end

7. How did Dorothy get her boat across the pond?

the yellow brick rowed

6. What do you call a 2-door sedan for poultry?

a chicken coupe

5. Why didn’t the swimmers go into the scary lake?

it was for boating

4. Where can you find Napoleon Bonaparte in a supermarket?


3. How do you fire a shoe salesman?

give him the boot

2. How do you prepare someone to work in a Slinky Factory?

spring training

And this is the very first joke that I ever penned in a notebook. Without it’s popularity, I never would have had the urge to think up the other nine jokes.

1. What do you call a farmer’s wardrobe?

ranch dressing

Please try them out on other people. I find that every now and then, you will get a laugh. And when you do, it takes away the sting of the tomatoes that are being fired in your direction.

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