Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Exercise Equipment

I think we’ve all been tempted to buy a piece of exercise equipment. Whether we were amazed with a new product on an infomercial that was on at 3am, or we’ve been shocked at the results our friends have achieved after buying a piece of exercise equipment. Either way, don’t let yourself be suckered into buying exercise equipment because there are alternatives and downsides to exercise equipment.

1. Exercise equipment can be very expensive. Often exercise equipment is so expensive that instead of telling you a price on the infomercials, they tell you that you can try the exercise equipment for 30 days, for only $14.95 plus free shipping. Here’s a rule to live by, if they can’t tell you the price, you don’t want to know the price. Also remember that just because a piece of exercise equipment looks easy to use and looks like something you’d use everyday, doesn’t mean it actually is.\

2. If you are just starting out, it’s better to go to the gym than spend a few hundred dollars on a piece of exercise equipment. This way, you can at least find out what you like doing instead of being stuck with an expensive piece of exercise equipment that you don’t like.

3. Exercise equipment can be skipped all together. You don’t need exercise equipment in order to exercise. In fact why not try looking around your area for hiking trails and other walking trails. Walking is such an easy exercise and almost anyone can do it. It’s also a great way to start exercising, if you haven’t in a while.

4. After buying a new piece of exercise equipment you may find yourself getting bored. Working out on the same piece of exercising equipment day after day after day can get very boring. If you’re bored you will find it very hard to keep exercising. You need something that is different and keeps you interested in exercising. Working out in gyms will allow you to try something new each time. If you enjoy hiking, you’ll be able to enjoy waterfalls, animals, and gorgeous scenery; you won’t even realize that you’re exercising.

5. Exercise equipment can only do so much. You will find yourself having to buy new pieces of exercise equipment so that you can work all the parts of your body. Some pieces of exercise equipment claim to work all of your muscle groups, but this just isn’t possible.

6. Exercise equipment may benefit you in a lot of ways, but exercise equipment in your home doesn’t allow you to workout with your friends. Working out with your friends can be very beneficial because it gets your mind off of what you’re doing. Talking will help to quickly pass the time.

7. Why should you buy exercise equipment when you have free equipment lying around your house? That’s right, I said free. You can take water jugs and use them as weights. You can use your couch to help you do crunches. For more information do a search on Google for free exercise equipment.

8. Instead of spending time buying exercise equipment you can spend time hunting for free places to workout. If you are college student, your school gym will often offer free access to the gym and the equipment. Many places have recreational parks that offer tennis and basketball courts, walking trails, and several other free amenities.

9. Sometimes you can hurt yourself using exercise equipment. The first time I used my Tony Little Gazelle, I could barely walk. Instead of risking injury, why not sign-up for a course at your local community college. Community colleges usually offer classes like Yoga, dance classes, and introductions to different types of exercise, such as Tai Bo.

10. Exercise equipment may not seem as fun as the people in the infomercial made it seem. If you’re looking for an upbeat exercising option, check out exercise DVDs. The host is usually a very upbeat person who is able to get you up and moving. Also it’s motivational to look at the perfectly fit bodies and imagine yourself looking like them.

Exercising is something we must all do. If you think buying a piece of equipment will magically change your body in just a matter of weeks, you’ve been watching too much late night TV. Exercise does involve work and no piece of exercise equipment will allow you to skip that.

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