Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Groceries at Wayfield Foods

In metro Atlanta, there are literally tons of supermarket choices. While Kroger and Publix seem to be cornering the market on “markets”, there are a few other supermarket chains which are trying to hold their own. One of those stores is Wayfield Foods. However, if I never ever set foot in a Wayfield Foods grocery store, it will not be too soon. Here’s whyâÂ?¦

10- The Stores are Not Convenient-

It seems that these stores are always in these “out of the way” neighborhoods, usually in areas known for housing less fortunate and dare I say it-shady looking individuals. The commercials for this chain of stores feature “clean” looking people boasting great service. But the shopping plazas surrounding these stores rarely look inviting.

9- The Commercials-

Speaking of Commercials, Wayfield Food’s television ads are simply HORRIBLE. They are filled with cheesy looking actors who can barely remember their lines, let alone sound convincing delivering them. The employees in these commercials are shown politely assisting the customer with their multitude of shopping dilemmas. Something about that just seems really suspicious. I have a problem with believing TV spots that seem to go overboard in convincing the public to shop there.

8- Cleanliness-

I don’t know which branch of Wayfield Foods is shown in those silly little ads. But the ones I have visited look nowhere near as clean as they do on television. I walked into one of these stores and balked at how unclean it looked and felt. I recall there being no rain at the time, yet my shoes kept sticking to the nasty looking floor. The lighting in the store also seemed dimmer than typical supermarket chains, which cast a dirty kind of light over all the products. Shelves of products had various debris (presumably from the unruly customers who leave things behind). And the product displays were completely lackluster. Cleanliness is EVERYTHING.

7- Customer Service? What’s thatâÂ?¦?

First I should point out that in a store with approximately (10) checkout aisles, only (2) were in operation. Sure, the store could have been a bit more crowded. But I would like to have more of an option in where to checkout my goods. In this instance, it was the really long line, or the really longer line. And what’s more, I would also really love to meet the employees in the TV spots, because they certain don’t really work in the real stores. The employees in this chain are so uninspiring that I wondered whether they were even breathing. Upon taking my [few] products to the counter, I noticed that not once did the cashier look up, acknowledge my presence, or even offer me a “Hello”. I had to speak first, and when it was finally established that there was indeed someone speaking to her, she barely grumbled a response-as if speaking was not in her job description. It made me feel like I was annoying her just by deciding that I needed milk and cereal that day.


I will admit that I have seen this type of frozen food set-up before: Instead of lining the “walls” of an aisle with huge encasements filled with frozen goodies, stores choose the “island” approach. A large bank of open deep freezers sits in the frozen food section like some sort of “island”. I just don’t like this. I feel that frozen food should be kept in a REAL freezer. That means said freezer should have a door, with glass so that I can peek through, open the door to retrieve my product-and then CLOSE the door to retain freshness. I really don’t want to see a bunch of frozen food sitting out getting old. I don’t care at what temperature Wayfield says they keep their frozen goods. I want mine closed up. Even my mother’s deep freezer at home remains closed. This just will not do.

5- Bad Meats

I don’t care what that little expiration date on the meat says. These cuts just do NOT look fresh. Sure there are some packages of beef that look a little redder than others. But that simply does not matter when the roasts they sit next to are beginning to brown. There is no amount of money that you can reduce a pork chop to-that will convince me in buying it-when I can clearly see that it is spoiling (or will be in a matter of hours). As a matter of fact, a story on Fox-5 News uncovered the fact that some other expired foods were being sold. Where are the health inspectors?

4- Old Milk Or Old Cows?

I have no idea, if the cows Wayfield gets its milk from are old – -or whether just the milk itself is. Either way, there is no way that milk should begin spoiling much earlier than the expiration date. I took my Wayfield milk home and just a few days later, as I was preparing a nice big crunchy bowl of cereal-I noticed a sharp smell. I dipped my spoon into the bowl, and lo and behold-there was that unmistakable pungent flavor of milk in the infant stages of ruin. A few more days later, and I probably could have made cheese.


Don’t even consider getting choice cuts of fresh turkey breast on toasted ciabatta bread. You won’t be getting any of that at Wayfield foods. Where other supermarkets have mouth-watering cold cut displays, arrays of exotic cheeses, and side items that you’ve never even heard of, Wayfield’s deli is virtually non-existent. You’re better off taking a gamble on some of the expired (or soon to be expired) cold cuts in the refrigerated section.

2- Who’s Producing the Produce?

I took a little stroll over to the produce section and was more than disgusted. Instead of finding a lush Garden of Eden, full of ripe fruits and vegetables, I found racks and shelves of old, and tired looking vegetables that were selling for fresh fruit prices. It was the most pitiful and depressing display of produce that I had ever seen. And with my shoes continuing to stick to the floor, I wasn’t all that keen on taking a risk with any salad making materials.


Perhaps the thing that I was most enraged about in this entire shopping experience was the fact that Wayfield’s prices were actually higher on some products than I expected. In their soft drink aisle, I noticed that the no-name brands were actually MORE expensive than some of the typically pricier brands. No-Name junk food should NEVER ever cost more than wholesome, brand name products – NEVER. I was really disgusted that the money I was spending in this farce of a supermarket didn’t reward me with any measure of satisfaction. Stay far away from Wayfield.

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