Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Microsoft’s Xbox 360

Despite the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is a very powerful system with a lot of potential, there are many reasons that consumers should wait out before they empty their wallets in an attempt to gain an entertaining experience. Below, you’ll find my top ten reasons for encouraging others to avoid Microsoft’s latest video game system, in which I hope others will heed my words as I have previously made the mistake of purchasing the system, only to trade it back in favor of the current generation of video games.

10. The current generation of games really isn’t that bad at the moment, so there isn’t a drastic need to acquire the Xbox 360 just to experience an entertaining gaming experience. New video games are still coming out for the regular Xbox, as well as the Nintendo Gamecube and the Playstation 2, which, contrary to what some people feel, are capable of producing outstanding graphics in their own right. Many highly anticipated games are due to be released for the current generation consoles and if one places too much investment in the Xbox 360, you’ll potentially be disappointed due to the fact that you’ll miss out on a large number of high quality games.

9. The price of the system is quite hefty at the moment, which means one needs to be certain before they make up their decision to acquire the system. All video game consoles become cheaper as time progresses, though due to the degree of technology used inside of the system, the Xbox 360 will inevitably remain the second most expensive system in the next generation of video games. Likewise, video games that come out for the Xbox 360 carry a standard sixty dollar price tag when they are released, which makes the long-term price of acquiring the system much more than one would realize.

8. The system was built completely around Microsoft’s Xbox Live services, which means that gamers who are looking for a traditional gaming experience, though playing single player games or playing multiplayer games with friends, may be left out of the enjoyment of the game. Many Xbox 360 games focus mostly on the online element, though every game released on the system contains unlockable achievements, which most only find useful to show others what they’ve done in the online community. Also, the fact that Xbox Live only works on broadband connections, with satellite connections included, prohibits some owners of the system to intake the full benefits of Xbox Live.

7. The controller for the Xbox 360, while comfortable, takes some getting used to. Gamers who are looking for a method of easily picking up the controller and getting right into a game with their friends may become frustrated due to some of the unorthodox buttons that were placed on the controller. While the controller has many strengths, it isn’t one that I would consider to be easily controlled by novice players, which I believe people should contemplate when they consider purchasing the system.

6. The lack of ability to play many classic Xbox games on the Xbox 360 will inevitably cause some frustrations amongst owners of Microsoft’s previous system who wished to acquire the Xbox 360. Despite Microsoft’s efforts to release downloadable updates to make more and more games backwards compatible, many games, both popular and unpopular, may never actually be playable on the Xbox 360. Likewise, players without a broadband connection will not be capable of gaining the additional updates for the system, which means any new updates to expand the backwards compatibility would be futile.

5. While Microsoft is striving to improve its system, there were many reported problems over the Xbox 360 scratching disks, especially if the player wishes to change the position of the system when the game system is on. Since the Xbox 360 was designed to be capable of being stood up vertically or horizontally, some players may feel inclined to change the position, especially if they’re attempting to secure the wires for Xbox Live or to put another controller in. This problem has resulted in many user complaints, as their games were ruined due to performing the said action, though there are other such problems that exist within the console. Consumers should consider these faults before they buy the system, in which there are many articles on the web that documents such cases.

4. For gamers looking for the most cutting edge video game console in terms of graphics, the Xbox 360 may be disappointing in comparison to the Playstation 3. While the Xbox 360 has more than earned its place as a next generation video game console, the Playstation 3 is expected to be much more visually impressive than the Xbox 360, albeit at a more expensive price. However, this is still something that I believe gamers should consider, as some people feel graphics help make a game more enjoyable, so consumers should realize the graphics won’t be the best out of the next generation before they consider buying the system.

3. The quality of the games on the Xbox 360 is something that must be seriously looked at by those who wishes to purchase the system. Many of the games that have been released by well-respected publishers have been mere ports of their current generation versions, though in spite of this fact, the Xbox 360 versions actually have less content than the games on the old systems. Granted, the Xbox 360 versions of these games do look more visually impressive, though the quality of the gaming experience has suffered when it comes to the Xbox 360 and I believe gamers will be seriously disappointed by this fact.

2. The number of games that the Xbox 360 has at the moment is something that will disappoint those who buy the system, especially those looking to have a large library of video games. While there have been some great releases for the system since it was originally released, many of the outstanding games for the console are yet to be released, and the few that have been released aren’t enough to warrant the price of the console. Once the gaming library expands, prospects to purchase the system will be more favorable, though considering current circumstances, the gaming library is practically pathetic.

1. The next generation of video game consoles still hasn’t arrived. While the Xbox 360 has been the first to make the claim, the next generation won’t truly be visible until the Wii and the Playstation 3 are revealed. While it is expected that the Playstation 3 will cost much more than the Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii will likely be a much more affordable system for gamers who don’t have over six-hundred dollars to spend on getting the next generation of video games into their household. Spending money on the Xbox 360 when all the potential options aren’t revealed yet in regards to choice is an unsound move which I feel consumers should consider.

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