Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Philip’s 8G Digital Media Player

I may be somewhat behind on the MP3 player revolution that has swept through this great world of technology. I had no real big need for one until recently, so I went to Wal-Mart, my first mistake, and bought the Philip’s 8G Digital Audio Player. This player is very nice looking, black in color with the touch sensory pad. The Philip’s 8G hold 4000 songs, pictures, has Fm radio and voice recording. This Philip’s MP3 player was priced around $215.00, not bad. I made a huge mistake buying this little contraption, and let me tell you why.

1. This player, being black, shows an unbelievable amount of fingerprints. This leaves you constantly wiping it off, and the cover that comes with it is a dust magnet. Unless you but another cover this player looks filthy all the time. This may seem trivial, but who wants to have to clean off their MP3 player every time you want to use it.

2. If you actually make it to the point of turning this player on, good luck. You have to hold the on/off switch in for so long. It says in the instructions to hold for 3 seconds, try like 15. If this Philip’s player is plugged in the wall or plugged in to your PC, it will not turn off either.

3. The easy start instructions, are not so easy, if you have a media player the first disk will not even finish, you receive an error message with a link that leads to no where to fix it. The second disk loads with no problem, even though it says you need both, I would not even mess with the first disk.

4. The “High Quality” in-ear headphones this player comes with are anything but. You have to push these little things so far in your ear to hear a good sound. The headphones are very uncomfortable and are flimsy. They do send extra pieces in case the ones you have fall apart, which they will. The cords are long and easily tangle.

5. This Philip’s MP3 player is rechargeable so you do not have the worries of buying batteries all the time. The bad part is the book says to charge for 4 hours. I had to charger mine for almost six hours and the charging signal still did not look like the picture. I do not know if this one is faulty or if the player was just stuck. That is too long to have to charge something so small. Who wants to wait all day long to use a new toy?

6. The accessories for this Philip’s 8G are minimal. I have run across two items, a docking cradle for your stereo, and one touch-pad carrying case. This is not enough; I have seen other players with numerous accessories, lots of different cases, and add-ons. The store I bought my player in had neither of the two so I had to buy some off brand cheap case just so I could have something to carry it in. Maybe they will come out with newer ones soon.

7. The Power cord and the USB cord are attached which makes for a mess when you have the Philip’s 8G hooked to your PC, the cords are easily tangled and one little pull and the player is in the floor. This also makes for harder storage; you have to have a larger space to store this cord.

8. The touch sensory pad is exactly as it says, but too sensitive at times. You end up passing up your destination so many times, and if it not to sensitive you have to slam it, the other times to get it to work. The buttons are not clearly marked and you have to have perfect vision to see what the buttons are for, very small.

9. If you have updated your media player to Windows Media Player 11 Beta and try to hook this MP3 player to your PC good luck. The first disk will tell you that you need an updated form of Easy Start. When you follow the link, it takes you nowhere. There is no firmware available yet for this version and it will seriously slow down or even freeze your PC. Not fun.

10. In order for your player to work correctly you will need to roll back Windows Media player to 10. Sounds simple enough, but I had to find this on the web site, the instructions have nothing listed telling you what to do in case you have an undated media player. I had to hunt for hours trying to find out what to do. I ended up having to roll back my computer because of this player. I had removed 11 and replaced with 10 and could not figure this contraption out. I finally found a page to help me on www.Philip’s.com. It explained to me about removing two files I did not even know were associated with Windows Media Player 11. After about 15 restarts and re-downloads, this player finally worked. Way too much trouble for this player.

I have always like Philip’s brand products and have never had an issue with one until now, with this being the second one I have owned in three days I strongly suggest to stay away from this one if you don’t want a big headache when you are done hooking it up.

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