Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer from Sharper Image

Ionizers can be wonderful, especially if you have allergies or breathing problems. A car ionizer is also a great thing to have if you do not like the bad smells coming through the vents, or if you like to bring your pets with you in the car. Unfortunately, the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer is not the product to use for your air purification needs. It is probably one of the worst products I have ever had the displeasure of using.

The following ten reasons not to buy the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer are in no particular order, since each reason could qualify as the number one reason why you should not buy the product.

1. The ionizer is extremely poorly made. When you pull it out of the package, you can easily see that it’s made of really cheap plastic. It feels like it will fall apart every time you plug it in, or unplug it. I think it actually does fall apart a little bit each time.

2. It’s hard to use. The cheap little controls and plastic pieces don’t move easily. You have to press too hard to get the control to turn because the cheap plastic sticks to itself and, again, it feels like the product will fall apart every time you turn it on or off.

3. It’s configured badly. When you plug it in, it’s difficult to change the settings because of the way it’s configured. The top of the ionizer is too close to the dash, so that it’s difficult to get your fingers around the top to turn it on and off.

4. It’s way overpriced. Personally, I would not take this product if it were free, so anything over $5 is laughable. Actually, with all the problems I had with this product, it’s laughable that the product is being sold at all. The Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer is $39.95!!!

5. There are other products that are way cheaper and work much better. For example, the NexxTech Air Purifier and Ionizer has some wonderful reviews, and can be found for as little as $5.90 on sale.

6. The ionizer smells weird. When you get your nose too close, or put your nose up to it to see if it’s doing anything, it smells really weird.

7. It doesn’t get rid of or reduce any odors. Sharper Image claims that the product will reduce odors in your car without imparting a cover-up fragrance. If your car stinks from fumes outside coming through the vents, or any other bad odor, you can rest assured that the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer will not impart its own odor. In fact, it won’t do anything. It will just sit there and be worthless.

8. It falls apart when you clean it. That’s right. It falls apart. That’s because it’s made of cheap plastic.

9. After it falls apart, you can’t put it back together. That’s because cheap plastic breaks.

10. If you glue it back together after it has broken from the stress of cleaning, it won’t work anymore. It will be broken forever after two weeks of use.

In summation, the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer is poorly made, is hard to use, is configured badly, is way overpriced, is poor in comparison to others, smells weird, doesn’t work well, falls apart when you clean it, can’t be put back together, and stops working after two weeks of use. Wow! I highly suggest you do not waste your time and money buying this worthless waste of space for your car.

Buying an Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer is like throwing almost 40 bucks down the drain. In fact, it’s actually worse than that because you get a headache to go with it. If Sharper Image is going to have a pricey catalog with supposedly high quality products, then the products should be made well and tested thoroughly. I personally feel that the Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer should be a freebie that Sharper Image sends out to customers who buy a vacuum.

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