Ten Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

Those pesky plastic bags. They seem to accumulate under your kitchen cabinet, taking up valuable storage space and causing unnecessary clutter. Instead of letting the bags collect dust, why not use them for something constructive.

Use them as doggy poop bags
Instead of buying those expensive poop bags at the local pet store, use the plastic bags to clean up after Rover at the park or around your yard.

Seal in the odor of poopy diapers
I normally stuff a bunch of plastic grocery bags in an empty Kleenex or baby wipe container. They are great for tying up stinky diapers before disposing of them. Using the bags really help minimize the smell of dirty pampers.

Storing soiled baby clothes while on the go
I always carry a few in my diaper bag. If you have small kids, you already know that accidents are just part of the package. You can store the soiled clothes in the plastic bags until you get home.

Small trash can liners
Instead of wasting money on pricey garbage bags for smaller trash cans, try using some of the plastic bags that have accumulated in your home as can liners.

Dispose of garden weeds
When you’re ready to pull weeds from your garden, drag a couple of bags along with you. They are convenient for tossing stray weeds.

Picking up trash around the yard
The plastic bags are really a great idea to use for picking up stray trash that may settle into your yard from time to time.

Quick clean up around the house
If I am speed cleaning around my house, I carry a plastic grocery bag to toss any stray trash that my family may have placed around the house during the course of a day.

Pack a Snack
Before you head off to work, throw a couple of pieces of your favorite fruit and a couple of bottles of water in the plastic bag. It may not be fashionable, but it certainly is cheap.

Donate to your local daycare center
As a former childcare worker, I know that daycare centers can never have enough plastic bags, especially in the infant rooms. There are always dirty diapers to tie up and soiled clothes to send home.

When all else fails, why not help the planet by recycling all of the plastic bags that have accumulated in your kitchen cabinet..

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