The Art of List Making

Many people wouldn’t think that list making is an art, but really when you think about it, it is. Or, you can make it into one. Every year, lists are made. People make lists around Christmas, college students make lists of things that need to be done and when they’re due, families make grocery lists to make their shopping experience easier. Lists are a part of life.

Many people however do not make lists. Things forget to get done, items are forgotten back at the store, and Santa doesn’t bring that much wanted toy.

To begin making your list, choose whatever is comfortable for you. If you’d rather sit down at your computer and type it all out in Microsoft Word, do so. If you’d rather grab some post it notes and stick them above wherever you are the most, do it. Just whatever makes you comfortable is what you’re going to do.

Relax and clear you mind. Think about what needs to be done the next day, week or month. We’re going to make a three column list. Column A is the column where you’ll place things that need to be done ASAP. List everything you can think of for the time being. Make sure to leave space for things you may have forgotten so you can go back and add those things later, or as situations arise.

Items in column B are also important things, but they are not top priority at the time. They are things that can wait for awhile. Give yourself time to think about these things, but leave enough space to add to as needed.

Finally, column C is the list of items that definitely can wait. Add everything that you want to do. Time for yourself, the family, trips you want to take, things that need to be done to your car, anything. The good thing about this list is it can be used for daily items, weekly items or monthly things. The daily ABC list works wonderfully for college students, professionals and parents who need a detailed map of what they need to accomplish first in the day, all the way down to what they want to do during the day.

If the ABC list is too detailed, or you do not have many things to accomplish at the time, make a basic list. List everything that you need to do within whatever time frame you are thinking of but do not place any numbers beside them. Once your list is completed, take a look at it. Place numbers beside the items in the order they need to be accomplished. The most important thing will be numbered one; the second most important will be numbered two, and so on. Continue until you are finished. If something comes up, fit it in as best as possible even if it means switching a few numbers around. Don’t forget to cross each item off after it’s completed.

Lists can be applied to anything. You can write down a list of books you want to read during your summer vacation, and cross them off as you’re finished. They can be used for groceries as I’ve said before, or they can be used for fun such as things you want to accomplish within 30 days.

Lists also come in handy when it comes time for vacations. You can make one list for what needs to be done before you leave for vacation, and another list for what you need for said vacation. Having a list made helps ensure that not many items (hopefully none) will be left behind.

As you can see, lists can be applied to anything. The more you use lists, the more organized you will be, as well as your mind. I use lists for everything under the sun. Books I want to read, places I want to visit and everything else. I especially use lists when I am in school. It helps keep my assignments organized all the way down to the last miniscule thing. I hope my advice will help make your life easier, just as it has made mine!

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