The Benefits of Customer Service Training

No matter what business you think you are in, in one way or another, you are in the customer service business. After all, if it weren’t for the customer, you wouldn’t be in business. In addition, no matter what position you think you hold, you still are in a position to serve the customer. Even if you don’t interact with the customer directly, consider your co-workers as internal customers.

In today’s competitive market, companies that understand the value of customer service training have an advantage over those who don’t. Customers have a choice of who they do business with and increasingly choose those who treat them right.

Since the customer service representative is the main point of contact between the company and the customer, it is imperative that the CSR is highly trained and projects the right image, attitude and company message. The best and most cost effective way to ensure the customer service representative has all the right tools to accomplish this is by using a customer service training program.

Companies who undertake phone customer service training for their call center staff see immediate benefits. One of the biggest reasons to train the customer service representatives is to create a culture of customer service. With a call center customer service program, all CSRs learn how to identify, understand and meet a customers needs. In addition, when all CSRs are trained with a customer service training program, the entire team becomes consistent in how they handle customer inquiries, quotes, sales and complaints. With customer service training, the call center CSR learns how important they are, along with how important the customer is, in the business transaction.

Call center customer service training includes topics such as phone and voice technique. It’s important for a CSR to use their voice to convey enthusiasm as well as empathy. If a company has a winning sales script but their CSR reads it in a monotone voice, the result is a lackluster interaction with the customer. On the other hand, if a CSR is able to get the message across while sounding friendly and enthusiastic about the product, the combination of a winning sales script and a dynamic CSR is likely to result in a positive outcome – a sale. Through customer service training, the CSR learns how to accomplish this and increase sales.

Once a culture of customer service has been established, handling customer complaints is much easier. Customer service training teaches CSRs how to empathize with the customer and to find out what the customer wants.

Other benefits to training the customer service staff include increased morale, lower turnover, better motivation, enhanced company image and increased efficiencies in processes which result in financial gain.

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