The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea, it seems everyone is drinking it these days. What is so beneficial about green tea? People are calling it a weight loss inducer along with a healthy boost for your immune system. That said, what is so great about green tea?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition green tea extract was found to increase the body’s metabolic system by up to four percent. This is wonderful news for green tea lovers; remember however, that this is the extract, which is found in the green tea you drink, but just not as potent.

Green tea has been scientifically proven to boost your metabolic system. No wonder so many people think drinking it will cause weight loss. Yes, drinking green tea can boost your metabolism, but you have to drink around five to six cups of it a day to see any significant metabolism boost.

Scientists have also found that drinking green tea can inhibit one’s appetite. This is good news for those of us fighting the battle of the bulge. This study was only completed on rats, so it is not completely known if the appetite suppression will occur in adults. However, in the rats that were injected with a green tea extract for this study were found to consume 60 percent less food than rats that were not injected with the green tea extract.

It is always worth a try to drink plenty of green tea and see if your appetite is any smaller than it was before. After all, it certainly can’t hurt you. Just remember that many green teas contain caffeine. If you are having five to six cups of it a day, you may want to find some decaffeinated green tea. Too much caffeine isn’t great for your body.

Green tea is also considered to be a heart healthy choice of drink. Green tea has been studied to find that drinking it can lower your bad cholesterol and improve your good cholesterol. Keeping cholesterol under control can help improve the health of your heart.

Green tea doesn’t stop there for health benefits. In a study completed by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, green tea was found to lessen the chances of certain cancers in Chinese man and women by close to 60 percent.

The University of Purdue recently completed a study on green tea with some wonderful results. The Purdue study showed that a certain compound found in green tea can help deter cancerous cells from growing.

Green tea has also been shown to be beneficial for those with arthritis, different heart diseases, some types of infections and can be helpful for those with compromised immune systems.

The benefits of green tea may be endless. Besides the fact that the extract from the tea helps people receive a boost in metabolism, thus increasing weight loss, it also allows for a healthier body!

The next time you are craving that next cup of coffee or even another cup of tea; why not reach for the green tea? You never know how much you could be helping your body!

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