The Best Bar for Everyone

The Draft House, located on the southeast corner of 180th and Pacific Streets in Omaha, Nebraska is a great place for friends to gather. It’s definitely a bar; it’s got the neon beer signs to prove it. You won’t get a concrete counter bar, a long wine list or fancy drink specials. What you will get is an updated take on the corner bar where you will see regulars sitting at the bar, a group of suburban moms enjoying cocktails at one of the high tables and waitresses hustling to make sure you have every thing you need. The place is dimly lighted once the sun goes down, but the northern wall is a bank of windows. The food is standard bar fare but it’s done well. The wine selection is not large and on a recent visit the glass of wine one of our party got smelled like it was ready to be used in a salad dressing. But the waitress happily exchanged it for a glass from a newly opened bottle.

Any woman who has ever gone into a bathroom in a bar knows that they are usually small and dirty and frequently out of paper towels to dry your hands off. But the bathroom at The Draft House is so nicely decorated that it almost seems to be meant for another facility. The management has even avoided putting up one of those ugly metal tampon dispensers; placing a little table in the restroom with a drawer full of tampons. That may not sound like much to you men, but we women really appreciate touches like that.

On many weekend nights, you can catch a band playing and dance if you like. Unlike many bars that squeeze in the band at the expense of room to move, The Draft House has plenty of room. On a nice night you can sit out on the patio.

But the biggest selling point of The Draft House for me is the state-of-the-art air filtration system. In most bars, you can hardly see across the room for the smoky cloud hanging over every thing. But here the air is clear, you will not have trouble breathing, and when you get home, you will not even have that clinging cloud of smoke sticking to your clothes. Heck, you might even be able to sneak in after a night out with friends without your spouse even knowing you were ever in a bar!

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