The Best Places to Buy Plus Size Maternity Clothing

Finding plus size clothes that fit well and flatter is next to impossible. As if being large in a world that caters to the thin isn’t difficult enough, the dressing room mirrors only add insult to injury. Let’s take this one step further when the plus size woman becomes pregnant. Not only is she big already, but also guaranteed to become even bigger over the course of nine months. These nine months are supposed to be full of joy and yet it can also hurt when you can’t find any plus size maternity clothing to fit your growing body. The following are the best places to find plus size maternity clothing, so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look like the goddess that you are.

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is a great store to find plus size maternity clothes, as long as you are visiting one of the retail locations that carries plus sizes. Not all of the Motherhood Maternity stores sell plus size clothing. If you do not have a Motherhood Maternity Store near you that sells plus size maternity clothing, then hop online because they have lots of options on their website as well. Their clothing runs up to a size 3X. From personal experience, the clothing runs to size. If you wear a 2X pre-pregnancy, then you will wear a size 2X in maternity clothing from Motherhood Maternity. The best thing about the clothing is that it is stylish and fits well so that the plus size mom-to-be can feel good about her baby belly. Motherhood Maternity is one of the best options for plus size maternity clothing.

JC Penney

JC Penney is a great department store that carries almost everything. They do carry wonderful plus size maternity clothing, however they do not carry it in the store. The plus size maternity clothing must be ordered from their catalog. The clothes are fabulous and definitely worth ordering. The clothing is more traditional and a little less on the stylish side, however the fit is great and the clothing is comfortable. The plus size maternity clothing from JC Penney runs up to a size 4X. If you are a size 2X pre-pregnancy, then order a 3X in JC Penney maternity clothing. The plus size community all raves about the plus size maternity clothing available from JC Penney.


Ebay has everything and plus size maternity clothing is no exception. The sizes and styles are so diverse. Plus, you can purchase clothing that is gently used or brand new with the tags still attached, but either way, they will be much less expensive than purchasing brand new from the store. Of course there are certain pitfalls of buying from Ebay, such as the lack of returns available, or items not being in great condition or described correctly. More often then not, you will receive quality clothing. Ebay is a great place to purchase plus size maternity clothing because of the diversity in styles as well as the less expensive cost.

The plus size pregnant woman has a struggle in finding the right plus size maternity clothing. While there are several options available in clothing, the top three places to buy plus size maternity clothing are Motherhood Maternity, JC Penney, and Ebay. If you are plus size and pregnant then start here for your plus size maternity clothing and feel great about your growing belly.

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