The Big Picture Vs. Your Picture

For the past couple of weeks I’ve dealt with a tremendous amount of he-said-she-said drama. I can definitely say that I am through with getting too close to anyone. This is only platonically speaking- especially with the female species. I have always thought that those who you surround yourself with share similar intentions with you. Not any intention, but of goodness and loyalty. This is a life lesson to never assume that someone is like you. When you cover the surface with your interpretations rather than the truth, you miss the big picture. No one really sees the big picture; we only claim to wanting to know what it is.

The hardest part is letting go of the frustration and moving on with your life. When I clearly remember of the efforts I’ve put in to make things work, I wish I had not even done anything at all. My memories hold a grudge of their own. What hurts the most is what is not comprehendable. This strongly shows my efforts to be invalid while my feelings support their justice.

Each and every one of us are seeking similarities but finding differences. We sense things very well, but ignore them even better. While others warn us of future disasters. we brush them off and move on. Is it true that moving on is the most important part of all? As we bravely choose to ignore every part, we are also ignoring the big picture. Once again, it’s not the big picture that counts, but the fake image in our minds.

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