The Bissell Powerforce Bagless Vacuum Really Sucks

For the last three years, I have been using my mom’s old vacuum cleaner. When she got remarried, she didn’t have a use for hers. After all, her husband already had one. Since I was in need of a newer vacuum, she gave me hers. It was working really well until a couple of months ago, when it made a weird popping sound and then died in mid-cleaning.

I went on a search for a new vacuum cleaner, not sure what features I really wanted and what features I could live without. I knew that I needed one with a hose so that I could get to many places my children tend to drop trash or track mud. A long cord was also a must, as we have a limited number of unused outlets in our home. Changing a bag was getting old and tiresome, so a bagless model would be nice. A Heppa filter would be nice as well, but it wasn’t an absolute must. If I could find one with a good enough filter system to it, I’d be willing to consider it. Most important of all was that it had to fit into my budget.

I started my search on the internet. I looked into all of the options at nearby stores. Target, Walmart, and Kmart were my first stores of choice. I looked on the internet to see who had the best prices. I stopped at Big Lots one day to see what they had to offer, as well. I looked into some local department stores that I knew also carried vacuums, but they were all much more pricey than I was really looking for. I finally decided that the store that would best serve my need would be Walmart.

I rode to Walmart and checked out the displays. There were several model choices, but the Bissell Powerforce Vacuum seemed to speak out to me. I really liked the bagless model, and the $50 price tag fit well into my budget. I looked at all the other features, and I must say I was pleased!

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner does not have a Heppa filter, but it does have a triple filter system. Best of all, these filters are easily cleaned with water, making the need to pay for expensive replacement filters a rare occurrence. The filters are also very easy to access when the need to clean arises.

The hose and attachments store nicely on this vacuum cleaner, making the accessories easy to keep track of. The cord is 25′ in length, so I can easily clean plug it into the bathroom outlet and vacuum two bedrooms and the hallway without searching for a new outlet. This vacuum is adjustable to five heights, helping it vacuum more efficiently on multiple carpet grades. There is also a spotlight on the front for cleaning in dark spaces, and an easy carry handle for vacuuming steps.

When I brought the vacuum home, it was time for the real test. I had the vacuum assembled in under five minutes, and set to work vacuuming my living room. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Little did I know, the old vacuum had not been doing as good of a job as I had originally believed. The Bissell Powerforce sucked up a ton of dust and dirt that I hadn’t even known existed in my carpet! It wasn’t long before I was emptying the canister for the first time.

All in all, this vacuum has been a terrific buy! Our home is cleaner than it has been in years, and I owe it to this wonderful vacuum. I highly recommend the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum.

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