The Bullfrog

The bullfrog is one of the largest frogs in, North America. The bullfrog reaches at least 12″ in length; this is from the tip of its nose to the end of its foot. Bullfrogs are not only found in North America, but they’re also known to be all over The United States.

Bullfrogs are known for their call. They have a deep loud call that can be heard from miles away. They not only have one call, but several. Bullfrogs have the: defense call, the chorus call, the mating call, injured call, and the scared call. Bullfrogs use different tones and volume levels for each and every call.

Bullfrogs can be very aggressive toward other frogs and animals when it comes to their territory. They use their defense call to protect both them and their territory, and if all fails, the bullfrog will resort to kicking and slapping. Bullfrogs also have very large mouths that could deliver a nasty bite to other creatures, even though they have no teeth.

All bullfrogs are land and water frogs. What does this mean? Well, instead of living on just land or just in water, the bullfrog lives in both. Bullfrogs will spend a lot of their time in the water swimming and cooling off. When a bullfrog is hungry or cold it’ll usually lay on dry land for about an hour or so to warm back up, and right back into the water after it has finished on land. The bullfrog can’t stay out of the water long because it’s skin in very delicate and will dry out rather quick, thus killing the frog. But bullfrogs are very intelligent, they’ll never wonder too far from water source.

Some people think that all bullfrogs are colored a swamp looking green, but this is not true. There are multiple colored bullfrogs in the world, not just swamp green. Bullfrogs can be: bright green, dark green, a dark grey (usually making the frog appear black, bright green with black stripes, ect� As you can see the bullfrog can come in many beautiful patterns.

With a large frog comes a large appetite. Bullfrogs will eat pretty much anything that’ll fit in their extra large mouth. Their diet includes: small birds, smaller frogs (including smaller bullfrogs), lizards, snakes, ants, spiders, flies, crickets, grasshopper, small fish, ticks, and a lot more.

The average life span for the bullfrog isn’t really known, although, people have kept bullfrogs until the age of 10. That’s a pretty long time for a frog to live.

Bullfrogs are reptiles and are born in eggs. These eggs are tiny and usually cling to plants or floating sticks, they’re smaller then the eraser on the top of a pencil. Bullfrog eggs are clear with a small black dot in the middle, and that small black dot is the bullfrog. Bullfrog eggs are found in the water, not on land. After the egg have hatched a tiny little fish like creature, the tadpole, will swim out. It will take the tadpole around 8 weeks to morph into a bullfrog. How will the tadpole turn into a bullfrog? A tadpole will actually grow legs and its gills will morph into lungs, after all that has happened the tadpole will absorb its tail, thus forming the bullfrog.

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