How to Catch a Squirrel in the House

Squirrels are small beautiful creatures being adored by everyone. However, no one wants her to enter inside their house. On the contrary, neither does a squirrel want to enter your house. Due to their speedy nature and going into small holes, it is likely they enter in your house. However, there is no need to panic or scared. You are simply required to catch the poor creature and release in wild again. You can also scary or lure her out of your house. Keep in mind that you need to ward off your other pets in a different room before trying to get her out of your house.


  • 1

    Bait a live trap

    You need to bait a live trap and you can do this with help of peanut butter. First you need to set the trap by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of these traps involve pulling back and hooking the trip-lever door. Some of these traps have spring loaded door i.e. when the trip-lever is touched, the door closes. Remember that you need to get a trap which should at least big enough to catch a 1-pound animal. After the squirrel is trapped inside the trap, you need to take her out from your house and then release her in wild.

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    Open exterior doors and windows

    You need to open all the windows of your house and remove screens. Also open the doors which open outside. It is advisable to confine squirrel in one area. Thus you need to close interior doors. You should assist squirrel climbing up the windows by placing a chair or a step underneath it. Squirrels can jump from high places but this step will guide them towards the escape route or will aid them in escaping out of the house. You need to clear the area i.e. go to another location for almost half an hour. The scared little creature will most probably find her way out of this maze.

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    Seal the fireplace opening

    You need to close the opening of the fireplace if the squirrel is trapped inside it. You can do this with help of a cardboard or a board and a masking tape. Then send a thick rope down the chimney with a heavy weight attached in the end. By this the squirrel will escape from the house and the rope won’t fall.

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