Feeding the Wild Birds

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do? I mean why anyone would stand outside in below 20 �º F Michigan weather to put up a Nativity scene. But I did have to get the entire scene out of my front room; the large pieces were taking up too much space. And, with all the stuff I collect for photo props and for fun, the decorations would only fuel the notion that I need to be put on the show Hoarders.

Not only did I spend time, putting up my first decorations of the holiday season; I also fed the wild birds. During the winter months, I always add extra seeds and corn to my feeders to help the little birds get through the season. Birds need extra help during the winter months to keep their energy up. When I go out to the feeders, the little Black Capped Chickadees “patiently” wait as they are voicing their opinion in a loud manner about the empty feeders. I love how they beep and tweet at me while I fill the feeders. I also add suet cakes for the different woodpeckers that visiting my feeders.

Here are a few tips about feeding the wild birds:

Bird Feeders

My feeders are all built from scratch. But when getting a bird feeder, make certain that the unit is easy to clean. Cleanliness will help keep the birds from getting ill as well as attracting unwanted pests in the warmer months.


The choice of seeds is important because different seeds attract different birds. Black oil sunflower seeds, corn, and mixed variety bag is what I use. The Black oil seeds will attract the Cardinals, the corn attracts the Blue Jays, and the mixed variety bag attracts the chickadees and sparrows. I love to watch them all as they pick and choose the exact seed for to eat.


Suet attracts the woodpeckers and the chickadees. I just purchase the cakes that are from the local shop. There are so many varieties now and most of them are labeled with the exact type of bird that the suet will attract. Or I have gone to the local butchers and picked up some lard to make my own.


Birds like fruit. I will cut up a couple oranges to hang on the feeders. The wild little birds love to eat them. I do put out raisins once in a while. I have also used sliced apples and bananas.


Water is a necessity. I try to put a fresh bowl out every day especially in the winter when everything just freezes. The dish is just a cheap bowl purchased at a dollar store. But the birds seem to enjoy playing in the water even in the cold weather. I also have bird baths that I use. However, the water tends to freeze during the winter.

So, with a little help our feathered friends can make their way through the wintery cold months.

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