The Eggstractor Hardly Shells Out It’s Cost

As far as egg peeling goes, the Eggstractor is just clumsy, but if you are looking to “eggstract” valuable time and effort from your day, it could be of some use. The makers claim that placing a hardboiled egg into the Eggstractor will, almost instantly, produce a peeled egg. What they keep from mention is the ridiculous process of poking a hole in the top of the egg shell, from which point the manual peeling process is just about halfway done.

The Eggstractor works by pushing air, provided by a hard thrust on the “egg pump,” between the albumen and shell through the hole atop the egg. Effectively performing the pump process is more like administering CPR and most likely has a far lower success rate. Air often escapes between the bottom ridge of the pump and the circular tripod egg stand-air that could be more productively used telling you to not buy this product.

Past reviewers of the Eggstractor have found the product to be far more difficult to operate than the commercials portray. In a story at, reviewers gave the product a zero out of five after handing the Eggstractor over to a group of children at

West Haven’s Kids Club Daycare. After much laborious strategizing and planning, the group was able to peel successfully, but they were not fully peeled or not as desirable as hand-peeled eggs. And their efforts were comparable, if not greater than, those to peel manually.

But the Eggstractor isn’t all that bad. That is, the egg slicer that comes with the device produces nicely and evenly sliced eggs. If you’re willing to pay around $10.00 for the slicer alone, the Eggstractor may have its rewards. However, if your sense of curiosity begs a trial of the Eggstractor, I would strongly urge checking yard-sales before further stimulating the Eggstractor market.

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