The History of Our Rocking Chair

After my daughter read the Rocking Chair Lullaby she wanted me to give some history about the rocking chair. The chair was given to me from my children’s dad just before my daughter was born. That was about 34 years ago. I had always wanted one and he gave it to me for Christmas a few months before she was born.

It is just a wooden rocker that I put cushions on the back and in the seat. I rocked all three of my children in that chair. Even though my son is older than my daughter he had his turns in the rocking chair. He was the one who rocked on our cat “Boots” tail and broke it. Poor cat never could learn to stay away from that chair. I believe he used up all his nine lives learning not to lay under it while we were rocking in it.

Everyone who came to visit wanted to sit in the rocking chair. Her aunt Joann would come and visit and rock her in it when she was a baby. The chair has been passed around in the family after my children were grown. My son kept the chair for a few years and even did paint job on it after he was grown. Her aunt also had the rocking chair for a few years and used it with her grandchildren.

My daughter now owns the chair. She rocked her babies in it and I did also when I visited with them. Sometimes it was the only way to get her youngest son to sleep. He had colic right after he was born and there were many times he fell asleep lying on my chest while I rocked him. When we had family dinners someone’s baby got some use out of that chair. The chair still sits there in her family room because there are still babies coming around even though ours are growing up.

The chair has stood up all these years even though it has not been babied itself. So many little ones have played around it and ran their toys into it. It has many dents from the past but it is still very much in use every day. It has brought many children comfort and has soothed many tears through the years. I wonder if my great grandchildren will know about the rocking chair. We still have several years before we know if that will happen, but from the history it has had so far it will probably still be around for them too.

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